What About SafeMoon V2 & the Other 13 Look-A-Likes | by Stephen Dalton


Shortly after I published an article about SafeMoon, I had one of the founders, or someone pretending to be a co-founder, comment on my article

SafeMoon & EverGrow team up — Pixabay — Imnamlas with PowerPoint design.

I can’t remember his exact words, and I have since deleted his comments. He’s not even a Medium member, which goes to show what he knows.

Anyway, his comment was to the effect, why don’t you take your advice and “do your own research” (DYOR). We released SafeMoon V2 (SFM) months ago (17 DEC 21), and it is doing much better pricewise than version one. You F-N writers never keep up with changes.

Well, I was OK with the criticism up until that last line. I mean, so what? I gave you free advertisement for your coin that reached thousands, right?

Let’s not overlook the adage, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” shall we? Not so much as a thank you.

Should I have spent more time checking to see if there were newer versions of the coin? I don’t know (IDK).

NOTE: DO NOT buy SafeMoon V1. If you are interested in SafeMoon, buy SFM. Look at this before you buy.

Transaction tax on version 1 of SafeMoon is now 100%. The result is that any transfers on the legacy system will result in a loss of funds. Safely migrating funds from version 1 to version 2 can be accomplished with the aid of the BSC News article ‘SafeMoon Shows How to Migrate Tokens from V1 to V2’. — BSC News.

What about the other 13 look-a-likes

Should I have squandered my time writing about each of those? If with every article I write about cryptocurrency I must talk about every coin, altcoin, and token, I would never finish an article. Give us a break, huh?

So, I look at Coin Market Cap to see what I missed. There are 13 others, including Safe Moon Inu (SMI), Mini Safe Moon Inu (MSMI), SafeMoonomics (SAFEMONOMICS), Safe Moon Zilla (SFZ), Meta Safe Moon (MetaSM), Safe Moon Cash (SAFEMOONCASH), Safe Moon Avax (SAFEMOONA), Not Safe Moon (NOTSAFEMOON), UnSafe Moon (UNSAFEMOON), Baby SafeMoon (BSFM), Safe Moon Space (SMSP), Son of Safe Moon (SOF), Sup Safe Moon (SSAFEMOON), and there are very likely some others that Coin Market Cap doesn’t even know about, some of these aren’t even tracked.

I don’t know, maybe NOTSAFEMOON or UNSAFEMOON shouldn’t count. It’s quite obvious they are not SafeMoon.

SafeMoon V2 IS OFFICIALLY DEPLOYED! All Must Know Info & Release Dates!

OK, I get it. Safe Moon V2 (SFM) is trading at around $0.0009923, whereas SAFEMOON is still trading, though up a little since my article was published, $0.0000005467. Three fewer zero, which makes a helluva difference.

By the way, you can switch your SAFEMOON tokens over to SFM. However, according to a commenter you have to have purchased it before the release of SsafeMoon V2 (SFM). I don’t know how true that is, but why risk it? Buy SFM to invest in SafeMoon, OK?

I would assume, you would do better to buy SFM on #SafeMoon Exchange, though I’m not sure.

I received this comment from David Pinto @ding_guy this morning.

“SafeMoon…is V1 and while you can still find it on coinmarketcap, or exchanges like pancake swap, there is a CLEAR red letter warning that SafeMoon has migrated to V2. ($SFM)

If you purchase SafeMoon and not SFM, you will be taxed 100% on the sale, and it is not possible to migrate SafeMoon to SFM unless you held it since before the Migration. Basically, you bought a dead version, and the loss is 100%.

So, at the time I am posting this comment, you have 114 likes from people who might read this and buy SafeMoon V1, then lose their money.”

I really don’t know who this guy is. All I can find on Google or Twitter is “Paintless dent repairs… fixing the little things that bother you since 2000.”

However, I would feel remiss if by not posting his warning, someone lost money by buying SafeMoon V1.

If anyone #Safemoonarmy finds that “CLEAR red letter warning” he alluded to but did not see fit to provide a reference to, let me know where to find it. Thanks.


What are the significant changes in SafeMoon V2

“The SafeMoon white paper notes that a big problem in the emerging DeFi industry is the existence of high APY LP-farms that don’t have easy access for newcomers to the space.” — Coin Market Cap.

SAFEMOON V2 is designed to alleviate that situation by using “static rewards.” The only thing that affects the rewards is the number of tokens traded and the inherent “reflect mechanism,” which rewards token hold-on-for-dear-lifers (HODLers).

SafeMoon V2 (SFM) Data Current as of 25 Mar ‘22

“The live SafeMoon V2 price today is $0.001063 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,007,529 USD. We update our SFM to USD price in real-time. SafeMoon V2 is up 7.78% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2870, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,000,000,000,000 SFM coins.” — Coin Market Cap.

SFM to USD Conversion All-Time

SFM to USD Chart All-Time. Screenshot of CoinMarketCap 25 Mar 22.

Final thoughts & recommendations about SafeMoon look-a-likes

So, it looks as if SFM is a much better buy than SAFEMOON. Whether that makes it a token you should accumulate (buy-and-hold?) is up to you.

However, be very careful to choose the correct SAFEMOON or SFM. As for the other look-a-likes and SAFEMOON crypto, I would be leery of those. Some of those really are “SafeMoon Poo Coins.”

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. See you next time.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for entertainment and informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or legal advice. Not all information will be accurate. I am not a financial adviser, and you should consider anything I write as informational and friendly banter to show you what is possible if you invest your money in these vehicles. However, there are no guarantees. Consult a financial professional before making any significant financial decisions.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure statement for additional information.

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