Polygon (MATIC) Sets All-Time Record as Nike Partnership Is Inked

Gamza Khanzadaev

Top 10 blockchain breaks record for unique addresses the day Nike announces its integration


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An all-time record was broken on Polygon Network when the number of unique addresses reached 190.95 million on Nov. 14. The achievement of such a big milestone came against a backdrop of news about the U.S. sports retail giant Nike launching its own NFT marketplace. The important thing is that .Swoosh, as the upcoming platform is called, will operate on Polygon’s infrastructure.

Source: polygonscan

Nike’s choice of Polygon as the base for its NFT site does not seem surprising, given that digital assets on this particular blockchain have already managed to penetrate both Instagram and Reddit.

Polygon (MATIC) blockchain insights

Speaking of interesting aspects of Polygon’s performance as a blockchain, the steady growth in the number of active addresses on the network can also be highlighted. Other metrics, on the other hand, are flat, which is generally not surprising in the current crypto market cycle.

As reported by CryptoRank, Polygon ranks third among all smart contract platforms in terms of monthly commissions collected. Its monthly revenue over the past 30 days stands at $3.4 million, up 218% from the previous similar period. Polygon is currently behind only BNB Chain and Ethereum, with values of $24 million and $114 million, respectively.


MATIC accumulation

The major partnerships and announcements around Polygon could not go unnoticed by big investors when, just over a week ago, the network saw its largest volume of major transactions since February 2021 with MATIC, Polygon’s native blockchain token.

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