Ink Finance And Its Strategic Partners Look To Help Reshape Industries With The All-In-One Financial SaaS On Web3

Ink Finance, a multichain financial governance protocol for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), has forged partnerships across the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and metaverse in an effort to leverage its unique financial management tools to improve the transparency, security, and compliance of DAOs running their financial operations on blockchains.

These long-term partnerships have helped grow Ink Finance’s user base, expand the use cases, and build communities. Following are some of the ways its partners use the INK webapp’s modular toolset to manage their respective businesses.

Cross Border Trade Finance

In April, Ink Finance partnered with Polytrade ($TRADE), a cross-border trade finance platform where small and mid-sized enterprises can access fast, low-interest financing from crypto lenders. Polytrade adopted INK as its governance infrastructure, using it to build a DAO framework that protects its lenders, making risk management transparent and enabling lenders to actively engage in decision-making and shaping the platform.

“[INK] provides the best coverage in terms of financial and fiscal duties, and its comprehensive and rigorous risk-management facilities reflect a true understanding of supply chain finance issues,” Polytrade Founder Piyush Gupta said in an interview.

Semi-fungible Structured Products For Raising Capital

An early investor and close partner of Ink Finance, Solv Protocol ($SOLV) collaborated with the DAO governance developer to scale its financial instruments marketplace. Already the largest decentralized marketplace for vouchers — a semi-fungible token (SFT) that represents financial equities — Solv was able to leverage INK’s financial governance mechanisms and asset-management tools to enable more DAOs to issue bespoke financial instruments that can be traded in the Solv marketplace. 

Going forward, INK could include Solv’s unique vesting and bond vouchers in its product module to give users more ready-to-use financial tools as they grow their ecosystems with DeFi. Vesting vouchers, which represent token allocations, would allow those DAOs to raise funds via initial voucher offerings without having to list their tokens on exchanges, where volatility could impact the token price. 

Bond vouchers allow DAOs to issue flexible-collateral bonds to raise funds. It’s a more flexible alternative to other DeFi debt financing options, like over-collateralized loans, for DAOs that need low-cost, sustainable liquidity.

An STO Solution for Carbon Credit Financing 

Carbon credit is a new form of financial asset that allows businesses and countries to buy and sell carbon emission quotas on a global stage. Companies or countries that reduce emissions below their permit allowance can sell the excess as credits to entities that exceeded their permits. 

Along the line of asset origination and custodian services, many entities can be threaded together in collaboration to financialize such a new form of critical economic resource, DAOs and tokenization naturally come into play to solve the liquidity problems and help this very nascent industry get off the ground. Ink Finance is partnering with Draper Dragon (a global digital asset manager), DigiFT (a regulated trading platform for security tokens), and HKbitEx (a Hong Kong-based digital asset exchange for spot trading) to do just that.

Robust Treasury Management For NFT-Rich Gaming & Metaverse Organizations

Mirror World, a blockchain-based gaming platform spanning genres, allows players to earn tokens for defeating enemies or winning matches in any of the platform’s games. Right now, those are limited to in-game assets like equipment or items. But soon, the platform will offer the Mirror World Matrix Token ($MWM). 

In addition to serving as an in-game currency, MWM tokens offer economic incentives to game developers and have both in-game and out-of-game governance value, giving token holders the ability to participate in shaping the gaming ecosystem.

Its partnership with Ink Finance has been instrumental in helping Mirror World develop and implement the DAO governance, treasury management and financial tools needed to create this multifunctional token.

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