Top 10 Web3 Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies are the secure projects of blockchain, that give the internet user control over data allowing them to own a portion of the network.

Web 3.0 the next generation of the internet has truly taken the technology to the next level. Besides, the technology web 3.0 paves its way in cryptocurrency to establish a decentralized environment. In a broader way, Web 3.0 provides improved privacy for organizations that are into data collection. Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies offer tokens (monetary incentive) to individuals who involve in making decentralized internet. As web 3.0 cryptocurrencies promise to bounce lucrative returns to investors, enthusiasts are on the verge to know the cryptocurrencies to buy. Over the pile of web 3 cryptocurrencies, here we jot down the top 10 web3 cryptocurrencies to buy.

  1. Chainlink- Chainlink being the top oracle network in the blockchain environment, has the power to access transactions outside the blockchain. Being a decentralized network in nature provides long-term reliability of data and assists companies to give efficiency. Some of the protocols of Chainlink include Uniswap, compound, and AAVE. As per the experts, the link seems to knockout in 2023 around $200, considering the current value of $6.43.
  2. Filecoin- A decentralized network founded in 2014, Filecoin stores information through the approach called the Interplay File Storage system. Filecoin is acknowledged for secure storage solutions that work on the basis of web3 and Defi conventions. Users have the supremacy to hold large files, and NFTs often access the network. It is because Filecoin has been popular among the networks in the music and online streaming industry. Considering the current value i.e., $4.32 per filecoin, experts foresee by 2030 it is to reach 5% over $150.
  3. The Graph Protocol- For indexing the blockchain a Graph tool is the best; it lets users query the networks like Filecoin and Ethereum. This web 3 crypto is open-source, thus allowing users to develop any kind of application using the program interface to improve data accessibility. The graph protocol often called GRT is entrenched in social media, entertainment, governance, virtual reality, and so on. The GRT token foresees to reach $10 by 2030, considering the current value which is $0.07628
  4. Ethereum Name Service- For services like crypto wallets, website naming, and much more Ethereum Name service is a one-stop solution. Ethereum Name Service often termed ENS can be used in platforms such as metaverse, play-2-earn games, and DEXs. ENS happens to be the most accepted coin with nearly five hundred integrations. Considering the current value of ENS $13.74 USD the value is likely to roll out to $230 in 2030.
  5. Ocean- The popular web 3 protocol widely suitable for data consumers who are in the middle ground for transactions will be certainly Ocean protocol. This is the best web 3.0 crypto on Ethereum wherein users have the access to sell and buy the data along with preserving privacy. Presently the Ocean protocol holds a value of $0.274205 and it is forecasted to reach $40 by 2030.
  6. Aragon- Aragon Web 3.0 network is widely adopted to develop and maintain decentralized autonomous organizations. The services of Aragon are employed to build the largest space which includes BadgerDAO, Decentraland, and PieDAO. Aragon is prized by top news players like Yahoo, TechCrunch, and Forbes. Aragon’s seems to reach $120 in 2030, considering the current value of $2.61.
  7. IExec RLC- IExec RLC is a popular web 3 crypto that lets investors sell and build using the application. With a good browser, source, and effort a developer can build a good product out of this. With a value of US$1.67, foresee $80 in 2030.
  8. Flux- A decentralized web 3 application, Flux enables cloud infrastructure scalability. A user can develop, monitor, and scale the decentralized application on many servers parallelly. Flux holds a current value of $0.592924 USD, estimated to reach $100 in 2030.
  9. Helium- A decentralized blockchain-powered network certainly used for IoT. Through Helium users can develop wireless infrastructure which is decentralized in nature on any gauge, letting the less-powered devices connect to each other to transmit the information on a network through nodes called hotspots. So ideally user will buy the hotspots which are miners. The current price of helium is $2.98 and is estimated to reach $13 in 2030.
  10. Theta- A peer-to-peer web 3 network, Theta’s goal is to allow users to send video to users from a giant enterprise accessor like Sony, Samsung, Google, and so on. The current value of theta is $0.881592 and it anticipates reaching $40 in 2030.

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