Roger Ver backs Bitcoin Cash and dismisses Bitcoin’s Layer-2

Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin investor, has reaffirmed his commitment to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) despite a public invitation from Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, to return to the Bitcoin community.

In his book “Hijacking Bitcoin: The Hidden History of BTC,” Ver asserts that the original vision of Bitcoin has been corrupted. While Back urged Ver to give layer-2 (L2) solutions a chance, Ver remains skeptical.

The debate over L2 solutions highlights a philosophical divide between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoiners believe that L2 solutions help the chain scale. BCH supporters believe that centralized solutions aren’t ideal, advocating for larger blocks within the original network to address issues more effectively.

Ver expressed his concerns, stating, “These ‘second layers’ are either centralized systems or they don’t work reliably.” He specifically criticized Back’s Liquid Network, where Blockstream takes every single transaction fee.

Despite changes in crypto since 2017, Ver still holds his stance. “BCH remains the truest representation of Satoshi’s vision.”

The rivalries between different Bitcoin factions, while less intense than in 2017, still reflect the fundamental differences among them, making it challenging to reach common ground.

While Ver is a leading voice in the BCH community, he emphasized the decentralized nature of the network and the community when asked about the future roadmap for the token.

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