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Cryptocurrency presents us with an opportunity to embrace the technological revolution in a way that is considerate of our finances. Giving people an accessible avenue into the worlds of stock and investment, crypto is becoming a more common and trusted institution.

From billionaire moguls to the guy down the street, everyone is scanning with inquisitive eyes for the best crypto coins to invest in. The appeal of crypto is in its decentralised, self-regulated model that cuts out the middleman — securing the investments of the users by recording every transaction in a comprehensive diary, known as a blockchain. Not to mention, it allows finance and currency to be reinvented aesthetically and intellectually.

Every year shines a light on new areas of the industry that were waiting for their moment in the glow. From NFTs, tokens, community, philanthropy, real estate, banking, etc. The world of FinTech is constantly evolving. With all this movement, it can be tough to know where to aim your arrow. In this article, we’re going to have a look at five coins that are worth your investment: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Binance (BUSD), and Solana (SOL).

Bitcoin: Biting Winter Crypto

Compared to its prior standards, Bitcoin is going through a difficult time. Given that Bitcoin’s price has always been quite volatile, its most recent decline is not all that different from its past. Bitcoin’s initial release saw a value of only one dollar. 

It peaked at about $19,000 in 2017, then dropped to less than $10,000 before surging to over $63,000 in 2021. Still, Bitcoin remains easily the most recognisable brand name on the market, and is where the world of crypto began. Sometimes when it comes to investment, better the devil you know.

Ethereum: Little Brother Grows Up

Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency deserving of having a price significantly higher than its current value. Ethereum is an essential component for the production of decentralised applications, the production of popular NFTs, and hosting other currencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Additionally, as a result of Ethereum’s update in September 2022, when it transitioned from a proof-of-work system to a proof-of-stake protocol, it is now considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies on the entire planet. As a result of ‘The Merge,’ Ethereum’s carbon footprint has been reduced by 99.99%, making it much less harmful to the environment.

Big Eyes Coin: Presale Exceeds All Expectations

We’ve previously talked about two of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry, whose businesses were based on slick, cutting-edge technology and amazing computational feats. It may all sound a little complicated and technical. Thankfully, there are currencies available that are just as concerned with fun and user-friendly accessibility as they are with technology.

Big Eyes is a pre-sale currency that is getting ready to take off into the cryptosphere. This adorable currency has its sights set on the major leagues with 200 billion tokens and a remarkable $11.2 million in pre-launch funding. Not to mention, Big Eyes values NFT culture and recognises its significance in the digital economy.

Big Eyes is seeking to bring a whole new generation to cryptocurrency, and it’s a demographic they’re cognizant of and empathic with. Big Eyes is branding itself in a warm and approachable way with its instantly recognisable mascot. In recognition of our shared obligation to safeguard the environment, Big Eyes plans to contribute 5% of its community wallet to organisations dedicated to marine conservation.

Binance: Biting Back

Binance Coin (BNB), an asset belonging to the well-known Binance cryptocurrency exchange, is a stablecoin tied to the dollar. The Binance Chain is a private blockchain network owned by BNB.

Binance Coin is a deflationary cryptocurrency, which means the supply and value of the coin are balanced and managed. It is a favourite among seasoned investors. The demand increases as a result. With the ability for holders to utilise their tokens for transaction payment, Binance Coin is most frequently used to streamline exchange operations.

Solana: The Sun Always Shines

Solana, one of the big guys, is well-known. Solana was established in late 2017 and based its uniqueness only on speed. This cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology are based on research by its creator, Andrey Yakovenko. The idea centre on the idea of forcing foreign computers to communicate in accordance with a dependable clock, keeping them in time with one another. In 2018, Solana reported an incredible 500,000 transactions per second during their open testing phase. This is the pinnacle of programming.

Solana now occupies a comfortable spot among the top 20 trending currencies worldwide as of 2023. The world of alternative currencies is, however, a volatile one, and anything may be lurking around the corner to change the scene.

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