Expanding the PRDT Pro Version to BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

PRDT Finance is currently live and running on both the BNB and Polygon blockchains, making it the best and most accessible decentralized cross-chain binary options trading protocol currently available. The users of PRDT have the ability to wager on the value of an asset and double their money if their market forecasts are true.

Robust implementations

In light of PRDT’s aspirations for excellence, it comes as no surprise that the platform is constantly updated, with the developers improving and innovating upon the already successful Prediction Markets formula they have created.


PRDT is formally partnering with ChainLink in order to use their price feeds for some BNB predictions on the BNB Chain and VRF technology for the PRDT Raffle. This development comes with the intention of making ChainLink solutions more useful in the future.

Smart Contract Safety

It is not possible to influence either the opening price, the locking price or the closing price of the prediction rounds. After the conclusion of a round, the contract will make a request to the oracle/price API to determine whether or not a user has won or lost the round.

CertiK Audit

PRDT’s smart contracts have been audited by the best auditors in the blockchain industry, proving their utmost legitimacy when it comes to security and optimization while delivering a secure, fast and easy-to-use product to all users.

Quick Results

The developers have optimized the time frames for all PRO markets to a minimum of 3 minutes, shattering the previous record of 5 minutes and establishing it as the fastest market available in comparison to all other projects. Additionally, in a recent update, they changed the time frame of the BTC market (Classic Version) on BSC from 24 hours to an incredible 5 minutes.

One Click/Claim All Solution

The capability of users to claim all of their prizes with a single click not only ensures unsurpassed flexibility of the smart contracts and the platform but also considerably increases the efficiency of the user experience.

High Roller Arena

The High Roller Arena is an additional way for PRDT to reward its most loyal customers, holding a weekly tournament where the top five users with the most volume share a prize pool of 900$ to be claimed on BSC.

Pro Version to launch on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

The development team has demonstrated time and time again that there is no stagnation, only growing and engagement with the community in order to create the best products available only on PRDT.Finance.

The Pro Version gives you a choice to trade on either BTC, ETH, or Matic with time frames of 3 and 30 minutes, as well as different Stocks and FOREX options to choose from.

Additionally, it allows users to open trades with a maximum value of 1000$ in BNB and USDT with a multiplier of 1.8x.


As the BNB Smart Chain is getting better and better, and its ecosystem proves to be the healthiest and safest place to be, away from all the current market problems, PRDT is keeping pace with developing cutting-edge features and products. With the current influx of new users coming from Web2 into Web3, having the best binary option trading platform is no small feat but the developers have proven time and time again they are on top of the game.

Project Links

Website – https://prdt.finance/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PRDT_Finance

Telegram – https://t.me/PRDT_Finance

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