Can Ethereum and Dogeliens Help Recover The Market

In recent crypto news, the market has officially entered a crypto winter due to the FTX crypto exchange crashing and filing for bankruptcy. Whilst the year of 2022 has not been great for the crypto market, this event has removed all hope of the year ending stably. However, that being said, it seems as if the new year could help recover this crypto winter, especially with Ethereum (ETH) and Dogeliens (DOGET).

Ethereum (ETH) The Largest Blockchain

Ethereum is the largest blockchain in the market and ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Launched in 2015, Ethereum has seen big success in its years and it seems like Ethereum could help the crypto market move past this crypto winter.

In September 2022, Ethereum achieved a big milestone with its infamous merge taking place. Anticipated by many for quite some time, the Ethereum merge meant that Ethereum would reduce its energy consumption significantly and become a much more sustainable and scalable crypto project. Energy consumption is one of the biggest issues that cryptocurrencies face due to mining. Hence, Ethereum has proved that there is a solution to this and has removed any doubt of crypto not being able to last due to this issue.

With this taking place during the crypto winter, Ethereum has upped its standards for itself. This has provided users with hope for bigger and better things to come in the next year for Ethereum as the market could recover.

Ethereum (ETH) and Dogeliens (DOGET)

Dogeliens (DOGET) The New Crypto

Dogeliens is a new crypto project that is due to launch in 2023. Although it is a meme coin, Dogeliens stands out from other cryptocurrencies as it explores various sectors of the market. For example, most meme coins are quite basic and do not offer much utility. Instead, they focus on bringing a community of online users together. However, Dogeliens focuses on its community in a different way.

To begin, Dogeliens ensures a fully decentralised platform with an open-source structure. As DeFi seems to be the future of finance, Dogeliens aims to stick around for the long term and create a project that can take over the market, whilst providing users with full financial control. Additionally, Dogeliens plans on having NFT releases as NFTs have become significantly popular in recent years among crypto users. Similarly, the metaverse is also embraced by Dogeliens, offering new games to users as well as educational content to teach users about crypto.

Dogeliens’ ultimate goal is to create a fun platform that different types of users can enjoy and use, as well as to help society embrace cryptocurrency as a whole. Hence, its educational platform will be very beneficial to users who would like to learn more about crypto. It seems inevitable that cryptocurrency will be the future of finance, so why not help people acquire more knowledge?

Set to launch in 2023, it seems as if Dogeliens could become a huge market leader and help the market recover from this cold crypto winter. It is recommended to further your research before making any crypto-related purchases.

Ethereum (ETH) and Dogeliens (DOGET)

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