Best 6 DeFi Projects To Invest In According to Reddit

  • There are some super-smart investment groups out there on Reddit, and it’s always fascinating to see which cryptos are trending on this platform.
  • The opinions of Reddit users can be especially valuable, because, on more than one occasion, they have clearly represented the views of savvy investors.

Here are six of the best DeFi projects that Reddit users are talking about at the moment:

  1. Metacade (MCADE): Best DeFi Projects for GameFi
  2. Bancor (BNT): Best DeFi Projects for Automated Trading and Staking
  3. Beefy (BIFI): Best DeFi Projects for Compound Interest
  4. Origin Protocol (OGN): Best DeFi Projects for NFTs
  5. Osmosis (OSMO): Best DeFi Projects for Decentralized Cosmos Exchange
  6. Polygon (MATIC): Best DeFi Projects for Building Applications

Metacade: Best DeFi Projects for GameFi

As an upcoming GameFi company, Metacade might not be the most obvious choice to include on a list of the top DeFi projects on Reddit. But there is a clear link between DeFi and GameFi, and that comes in the last two letters of each word: Fi for finance. While Metacade does not offer traditional DeFi services per se, it does feature a token (MCADE) that can be offered as a surety on DeFi platforms, and that also works for staking, mining and yield optimization purposes.

Metacade appeals to blockchain enthusiasts of all types, with its Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, Create2Earn and Work2Earn revenue-generating functionalities. P2E and gaming are seen by many as the next big thing in the crypto world, so that immediately makes Metacade attractive to investors. But more than that, it seems clear that the GameFi and DeFi worlds will increasingly start to merge and overlap. As an example, making transactions and staking tokens in a metaverse game blurs the lines between GameFi and DeFi.

Why Reddit Users Like Metacade

Metacade is currently in the first stage of its presale, and thus offers investors in the Reddit community an early mover advantage. Above and beyond any gains from the launch, however, Reddit users are also excited by the impending explosion of the P2E sector in general, and by Metacade’s potential in particular. Metacade offers a range of revenue generating opportunities for both crypto gamers and developers, through P2E functionality, and by acting as a launchpad for new releases. It also actively encourages the development of new games through its Metagrants funding initiative.

With Metacade, both gamers and developers can earn revenues from crypto gaming, and as the Metacade community grows, that’s good news for investors and crypto fans. Fans of Metacade on Reddit also commend its plans for developing and marketing the best games, its commitment to security and transparency, its equitable approach to staking, and its roadmap to becoming a DAO.

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Bancor: Best DeFi Projects for Automated Trading and Staking

Bancor is an Automated Market Maker (AMM). In fact, it’s more than that, it was the first AMM. Since 2017, it has operated as a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade different cryptocurrencies. Investors buy into liquidity pools that are made up of BNT tokens and other cryptocurrencies. They can earn interest on their investment, and trades are effectively made between different liquidity pools.

Although it was first to market, Bancor’s business model has been successfully replicated – and some would say improved – by the likes of Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Why Reddit Users Like Bancor

It’s always a good idea to have a broad mix in your crypto portfolio, to include both long-term performers, alongside high-risk/high-return opportunities. Reddit users like the fact that as cryptos go, Bancor is one of the less risky options. It’s been established for over five years and has a good reputation when it comes to safety, security and auditing.

Users also like Bancor’s ability to work across EOS and Ethereum, plus its support of multiple cryptocurrencies. Other points in Bancor’s favor include single-sided staking, ease of use, impermanent loss protection, and the fact that it operates as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Beefy: Best DeFi Projects for Compound Interest

In some respects, Beefy is similar to Bancor. But where Bancor has liquidity pools, Beefy has vaults where you can store your cryptos. And here’s the clever bit: Beefy automatically lends or stakes those tokens to generate the best possible compound interest for you. What’s more, fees are low, clients enjoy governance rights, and when you stake BIFI tokens, you effectively benefit from a revenue share from Beefy.

On 8th October 2020, Beefy went live with its first set of vaults on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since then, it’s launched on a significant number of additional blockchains, positioning itself as the best multichain yield optimizer. And in case you were wondering, the name is based on the premise that Beefy will beef up your rewards!

Why Reddit Users Like Beefy

Beefy is very popular on Reddit, and there are lots of positive threads about the company. Search through all the relevant posts, and it won’t take you long to find out what Reddit users like about Beefy. In a market sector that isn’t always renowned for fair play, Beefy scores highly with its comparative safety.

Users also like that Beefy does its research before it lists a new platform. This approach underscores the fact that Beefy does a lot of the hard lifting for you. Just remember that the value of the vaults can go up as well as down!

Origin Protocol: Best DeFi Projects for NFTs

Origin Protocol brings together two of the hottest tickets in crypto: NFTs and DeFi. Origin Story acts as a virtual shop where NFTs can be marketed, sold and dropped. Creators can easily monetize their NFTs, with the celebrated “Charlie bit my finger!” just one example of many that have benefited from Origin Protocol’s savvy approach.

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Alongside Origin Story, Origin Dollar generates on-chain yields which it automatically sends to your wallet. The Origin Dollar stablecoin, OUSD, works across different DeFi protocols, and it gives you the chance to make a passive income hassle-free. The high level of security has also helped to attract investors to Origin Protocol.

Why Reddit Users Like Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol scores heavily on Reddit in a number of ways. First up, users are mightily impressed by the development team, which includes individuals who were involved in the very early days of PayPal and YouTube. They also praise Origin Protocol for its solid governance rights, and its powerful staking functionality which makes it easy to invest and transfer resources.

Looking to the future, Reddit users applaud the company for its innovative and ambitious plans, which include recently announced partnerships with Polygon, Paris Hilton and other equally impressive associates.

Osmosis: Best DeFi Projects for Decentralized Cosmos Exchange

Osmosis is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for peer-to-peer trading of cryptos across the Cosmos ecosystem. Notably, the founders of Osmosis worked for Cosmos before moving on to found their new company. Osmosis functions as an automatic market maker (AMM) that allows users to build and customize their own liquidity pools for trading.

Osmosis is the biggest interchain DEX, and it offers users a range of benefits, including comprehensive coverage, superb functionality, governance rights and more. Osmosis is a popular choice because it never stands still: it is constantly developing, encouraging, and supporting new applications, platforms and partnerships.

Why Reddit Users Like Osmosis

Osmosis has many admirers on Reddit, and they express their admiration in a number of ways. First up, fans are impressed by the user interface. Some developers tend to forget that people in the real world use their applications, but Osmosis delivers an interface that’s quick, easy and intuitive to use. That strong connection with users extends further, with Osmosis winning praise for its proactive engagement with the Reddit community.

Reddit users also endorse Osmosis’ stability, real-world utility, and development potential for the future. Finally, and simplest of all, they just like that Osmosis is a great decentralized exchange.

Polygon: Best DeFi Projects for Building Applications

It’s instructive to see which cryptos dropped like a stone in the aftermath of the FTX crash, and which companies held steady. Polygon falls fairly and squarely into the latter camp, and it speaks volumes for the company that it remained largely unscathed by any FTX contagion. What’s more, in the last six months of 2022, Polygon’s price pretty much doubled in value.

It’s not hard to see why. Almost every day sees the announcement of new developments, new innovations, new partnerships and new applications. Developers are flocking to Polygon because it’s a genuine alternative to Ethereum: faster, more scalable, more flexible and lower cost. But it’s not just developers who are attracted to Polygon: the company also features partnerships with big hitters like Disney, eBay, Nike, and Stripe.

Why Reddit Users Like Polygon

Reddit has broad appeal, with many different types of users. In terms of Polygon, that includes both developers and investors. Developers praise Polygon because it facilitates the building of powerful, secure, Ethereum-based dApps. As Polygon itself says, it’s “built by developers, for developers.” Meanwhile, investors are impressed by Polygon’s unrivaled list of partnerships, its lower fees, its increasing popularity, and its high processing volumes.

Metacade is Best Defi Project to Invest In

In every list there has to be a winner, so who comes out on top in the best 6 DeFi projects to invest in according to Reddit? Will it be Bancor (BNT), Beefy (BIFI), Metacade (MCADE), Origin Protocol (OGN), Osmosis (OSMO), or Polygon (MATIC)? That’s a difficult question to answer, but how about a left-field choice?

When GameFi and DeFi come together, Metacade could be the star that shines brightest of them all. As a popular community hub for Web3 gamers, developers, investors and crypto fans, Metacade dovetails perfectly with DeFi projects, with the additional advantage that you can still benefit from a low presale price if you act now. 

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