4 Bitgert Facts Making $BRISE Profitable Than Safemoon $SFM Today

Key Points:

  • Bitgert ecosystem growth is exploding, unlike Safemoon
  • Bitgert ecosystem products and projects adoption is skyrocketing $BRISE
  • Hundreds of projects are joining the Bitgert chain, unlike Safemoon
  • Bitgert chain has the utility growing fast than Safemoon network

The Bitgert (BRISE) project has garnered a lot of attention from the crypto community because of its profitability. Bitgert is among the few coins that have made investors huge returns in 2022, a period when the likes of Safemoon have been doing badly. The projection is that Bitgert will still remain the most profitable coin over Safemoon in 2022.

Safemoon is struggling with a lot of limitations that Bitgert has already solved. In fact, Bitgert just overtook Safemoon in project developments. However, here are 4 facts making Bitgert more profitable than Safemoon:

1. Fast Ecosystem Growth

Bitgert fast delivery of the roadmaps is the reason the coin is doing so well in the market. The Bitgert roadmap delivery is faster than Safemoon. When Bitgert has already delivered the roadmap V1, Safemoon is struggling with roadmap V1 products. Bitgert chain is now delivering the roadmap V2.

The current roadmap has so many upcoming developments, including decentralized marketplaces, NFT marketplaces as well as Web 3 products. Safemoon ecosystem’s slow delivery is the reason Safemoon price is doing badly.

2. Bitgert BRC2O Blockchains

The other reason why Bitgert is more profitable than Safemoon is blockchain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has been experiencing massive adoption, which is one of the reasons BRISE is doing so well. The Brise chain zero gas fee is one of the reasons its adoption is very high.

The mass adoption is making Bitgert coin do better than Safemoon. This is projected to continue in the next few months, and the fact that Safemoon has no blockchain of its own, the price growth will be very small.

3. 1000+ Startup Studio Projects

One of the biggest factors growing Bitgert price faster than Safemoon is the Startup Studio program. The program has hundreds of projects that are launching on the Bitgert chain. Safemoon has very few projects. In fact, the 1000+ projects are way above what Safemoon is planning to add. These products are growing Bitgert adoption, which makes BRISE grow faster than Safemoon.

4. Bitgert Utility

Bitgert growing BRC20 utility is another fact making BRISE do better than Safemoon. The Bitgert team has many bridges on the BRC20 blockchain, with the main Bitgert bridge and USDT/USDC bridge already functioning. The next bridge is for the top 5 altcoins. The growing Brise chain utility is growing BRISE value faster than Safemoon.

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