Your guide to purchasing the best cryptocurrencies in India

Cryptocurrencies are now not as new as they were about a decade ago. There has been a lot that experts have been able to deduce out of these assets and people are gaining an insight into how they operate. In India, guidelines have been released recently over the use of cryptocurrencies and how the whole system might work. However, the original lack of regulations did not stop the enthusiastic Indian population from making their investments in cryptocurrencies. In the last year, there was approximately a 20,000% increment in the investments of cryptocurrencies in India. That being said, the new regulations have led the investors to breathe a huge sigh of relief as they do not have to worry about their assets and investments going completely awry in case of a ban.

The best cryptocurrencies to buy in India – There are a few cryptos that have undoubtedly dominated the global markets however, each country would have its pluses and minuses about different cryptos. Here are some of the most lucrative crypto opportunities in India:

  1. Ethereum – The second-most dominant altcoin, Ethereum is a favorite in India. The Ethereum to INR price has also seen a favorable gain in recent years. The program developers have created a platform for great potential applications that would facilitate the operations of smart contracts and NFTs. Now, the market cap of ETH is over 361 billion dollars
  2. Bitcoin – Why is bitcoin on this list? There are several reasons – the first is the market cap which is dominating powerfully and standing strong over the others. Secondly, trading of more than 846 billion dollars since its inception has been conducted in bitcoin rendering it unwavering at the top. BTC trading is completely anonymous and safe which assures the investors of security and transparency regarding their money.
  3. Dogecoin – The scramble and struggle to buy Dogecoin in India began after the popular tweets made by Mr. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Not only in India, post his tweets, but the sales and prices of DOGE also skyrocketed to another level. This was, however, short-lived. The learning experts and investors obtain from this is that keeping a fee DOGE in handy would be a good idea since they are low in value already and are also susceptible to market changes. As the prices increase, investors can make their move and sell a certain amount for profit.
  4. Tether – The major appeal surrounding Tether is the fact that it is a stablecoin. This means that its value is not subject to rapid and erratic fluctuations as the other cryptos in the market. For early investors and novices, this would be much less of a gamble. USDT is backed by fiat currencies like the dollar or Euro and its value is ‘tethered’ to that of the fiat currency. The lack of volatility of this coin makes it a good buy in India.
  5. Ripple – Ripple and its cryptocurrency, XRP, have reached a market capitalization of more than 37 billion dollars at the moment. It is a digital technology and a method for the smooth processing of payments. It can also be used to facilitate exchanges in different currencies (fiat or crypto). The adoption of Ripple as a global technology network by some of the major banks, companies, and financial institutions all around the world might act as a catalyst for the same in India.

The reason for the crypto boom in India – Several startups have expressed their support for the technology and platform that actively uses cryptocurrencies. The momentum and traffic on the major online exchange platforms are another reason why cryptos are receiving the support that they are getting. Newer concepts like the metaverse and NFTs have also taken the Indian market by storm. Several celebrities and influencers in the country have bought and sold their own NFTs adding to the popularity of the concept. The ease of access and fast-speed internet have made the purchase and trading of cryptos almost unstoppable. There has been a revolutionizing shift in investment assets since the prices for real estate and gold have increased. Moreover, people are now looking for faster returns, and cryptocurrencies can provide just that.

The Indian market is suitable for the growth and boom of cryptocurrencies. Ensure that you are investing in the right ones that will facilitate healthy growth and help you gain good returns. Use trustworthy exchange platforms that will provide the required security to your assets.

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