XRP and USDT traders flock to Fezoo exchange

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As the DeFi market evolves, investors explore new opportunities beyond established tokens. Amid market turbulence, Fezoo (FEZ) emerges as a focal point for traders seeking growth. The rise of Fezoo prompts scrutiny and excitement.

The DeFi market has seen projects come and go with promises of innovation and revolution. While Ripple (XRP) and Tether (USDT) have experienced success, investors are still keen to expand their portfolios. Amid the fast-growing liquid market, some projects have caught the attention of many enthusiasts.

Fezoo is one of the few new projects creating media buzz. The FEZ token already has the exchange markets gossiping about its potential and broad utility.

Ripple stands strong despite market upset

Since March 11, most well-traded coins have tanked in value. Ripple is no exception. While Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) took grave declines, Ripple retraced a little to gain support for a new rally.

As of writing, Ripple trades for $0.6239, a 2.26% increase from the past week. Ripple is one of the few tokens that reads profits over the past week and month.

Despite unfavorable market activity, the payment solution shows signs of reaching its all-time high after the Bitcoin halving event.

Even the market whales are swapping to Tether

Most crypto traders are familiar with Tether (USDT). The stablecoin represents the fastest-growing coin in terms of market capitalization. Investors often exchange their cryptocurrencies for Tether or any other stablecoin to preserve their profits and capital.

Given the recent market activity, it makes sense that Tether now holds over $104 billion in market cap. Market analysts have traced a steady reduction in Tether to one source: Fezoo (FEZ).

Analysts like to refer to this new coin as a threat to the big ten and centralized marketplaces as we know it.

Fezoo, the new captain of decentralized exchange

Fezoo (FEZ) is an online marketplace powered by Blockchain technology. Unlike Kucoin and Binance, the Fezoo platform does not require excessive information to get started. Users only need to provide email and username to get an account allocation.

Trading is easier with Fezoo. After making a deposit, users can trade or provide liquidity in the markets that pique their interest. The platform will never tell you to complete a KYC process or provide personal details for withdrawals or deposits.

The platform features a unique revenue sharing model. Presale investors gain early access to Fezoo and acquire a permanent rebate for each transaction.

Fezoo users boast a truly decentralized system. The Fezoo community makes up the FEZ government, as they can vote on changes around the platform.

Fezoo sells for a generous $0.013 in the first stage of its six-stage presale. With presale investors positioned to gain 40% of total revenue, Fezoo can outrank Ripple and Tether.

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