Why Safemoon & Babydoge Price Tumble & Bitgert Is Trending

The Bitgert price has been bullish during the bearish market, while Safemoon and others have been tumbling.

The market is bearish, and most cryptocurrencies are tumbling. In fact, a majority of the cryptocurrencies recorded an over 3% drop in the past 24 hours, which is a significant plunge. Though the market looks bearish in general, there are cryptocurrencies doing very well.

Some cryptocurrencies like Bitgert have been trending and skyrocketing when Safemoon, Babydoge, Saitama Inu, and many other coins have been tumbling. Read more about these cryptocurrencies’ performance and why Bitgert has been trending:



The launched Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has been the most talked about topic in the crypto market and the major reasons this cryptocurrency is trending. Millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are still looking for more info about the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain, which is why it is leading on Google search trends when put against even the largest cryptocurrencies.

The Bitgert price has been bullish during the bearish market, while Safemoon and others have been tumbling. This is because more investors are now buying Bitgert before the bull run starts. With more products coming on the Bitgert chain, $BRISE is projected to keep skyrocketing. The Bitgert recently announced the completion of the BSC>BRC20 bridge, which is launching soon.



Apart from Bitgert, the other crypto worth looking at is Centcex. This is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have been stable during this bear market. The stable price indicates that Centcex investors are still holding, and more are buying the token. The biggest factors driving the popularity of Centcex today are the fast roadmap delivery, staking rewards, and the unlimited number of products.

The Centcex team is focused on developing the largest number of blockchain products for the ecosystem. The Centcex staking reward is 100% APY of the generated revenue by the project. These are features that have kept investors coming even during the crashing market.



The Safemoon price has been dropping since the market started plunging for the last few days. But this is not the first time that Safemoon has been affected by the crashing market prices. During all the previous plunges, it has been among the most affected tokens. But there is more that is causing Safemoon price to tumble apart from the market forces.

There has been a lot of dissatisfaction from the Safemoon investors due to slow roadmap delivery. In fact, the slow roadmap delivery is one of the reasons investors have sued the project owners. The crypto community still believes that Safemoon has not done enough compared to Bitgert, a younger project.



The Babydoge price has also tumbled during this bear market. But there is so much that could be accelerating the Babydoge price drop, and one of them is a more competitive project. There are projects like Bitgert, younger than Babydoge, that are delivering too many products for its ecosystem, including a blockchain.

Therefore, the Babydoge team will need to do a lot of products developments to get more competitive. The team needs to also consider building its own blockchain that will be able to counter the influence of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. That Babydoge will be able to remain competitive.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu project is moving from just being a meme coin to one of the largest play-to-earn gaming platforms. The team has lined up a number of products that will build one of the biggest gaming platforms. Among the products the Floki team is developing is Valhalla, which makes the Floki metaverse gaming platform.

However, Floki Inu is among the cryptocurrencies that have prices tumbling today. This is mainly because of the slow building of the products. Therefore, it is not attracting more investors like Bitgert is doing today.


Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu price is also tumbling when Bitgert is booming. The Saitama team has had a number of challenges delivering products, with even the delivered projects having a lot of problems. The SaitaMask is one of the biggest releases, but it has had a lot of challenges, including bugs.

But the Saitama Inu has also been slow on product development. The project has very few products that can make an impact that has been launched. This project cannot compare to Bitgert, which has already launched the BRC20 blockchain.

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