What is Runiverse & Equeus?

Runiverse: It’s a play-to-earn game where you can compete against crypto-athletes. Each race lasts 30 seconds, each athlete represents a crypto and will run faster or slower based on the rise or fall in price of the crypto he represents.

NFTs: NFTs, Non-Fungible-Tokens, are tokens associated with digital elements such as images, 3D models, tickets, etc. Holding an NFT in your wallet is equivalent to holding the rights associated with those digital items. The NFTs associated with Runiverse and Equeus can be found in Mystery Packs and secondly on the Open Sea and are the Tracks, Skins, Cosmetics and Lottery Tickets. It is important to note that you do not need to hold any NFTs in order to play Runiverse. However, NFTs can present an opportunity for passive income.

Tracks: These are the tracks where the Runiverse races take place. Tracks can be purchased as NFTs. The races will take place on all the tracks in rotation. Becoming a track owner will entitle you to 6% in tokens from those who lost the race.

What is Runiverse & Equeus?

Skins: Skins are the crypto-athletes who run the Runiverse races. For each crypto there are 5 skins (5 skins for Bitcoin, 5 skins for Ethereum etc.). and 5 skins for each crypto are all aesthetically the same and entitle you to 2% in tokens from those who have lost the race. The 5 skins will run the races in rotation every time the specific crypto is chosen to play (example: if I own an NFT of a Bitcoin skin, every 5 games in which any player chooses to play with Bitcoin he will do so with my skin and I will earn 2% of the tokens of whoever lost the race.

Cosmetics: Cosmetics are “beautification” NFTs that are added to held skins, thus differentiating them from other equivalent skins. For example: the bitcoin skin is that of an elderly man, and is aesthetically identical for all 5 Bitcoin skin NFTs. So if I own a Bitcoin skin, this will appear identical to the other 4. By adding cosmetics, my skin will have elements of differentiation from the other 4 skins (such as different clothes or accessories, or different animations).

Lottery Tickets: Lottery tickets are NFTs that give access to the monthly Equeus lottery. They can be found in Equeus Mystery Packs and can be spent to enter the lottery or put up for sale in the secondary market.

Equeus: It is the affiliate marketing platform that allows affiliates to work and bring players into the Runiverse as well as other affiliates into Equeus itself. It is the first fully transparent and decentralized affiliate marketing platform. In fact, all earnings are always instantly redistributed, mainly in USDT, by immutable smart-contracts. The meeting point between Equeus and the Runiverse is the Mystery Pack:

The Mystery Pack: is the first product for sale on the Equeus platform. Each Mystery Pack offers an amount of Staked Runy equal to the current Runy price (example: if you buy the $1,199 package while the Runy price is $0.5, you will get 2398 Staked Runy). Staked Runys have a 5-year vesting and are entitled to APYs. The Mystery Pack also offers and a number of random NFTs which can consist of Tracks, Skins, Lottery Tickets, Cosmetics. The APYs and the ability to find Tracks or Skins are different for each Mystery Pack.

Read more about Mystery Packs: https://runiverse.run/2022/12/19/how-to-build-passive-income-with-runiverse/

What is Runiverse & Equeus?

Runy: Runy is the Runiverse utility token, available on Uniswap and Equeus from February 5th at 3:00 pm CET. Thanks to Runy it will be possible to do many things including:

– Play Runiverse being able to select any cryptocurrency, and in the future stock or commodity, without having to hold it in your wallet

– Make purchases from both the Runiverse and Equeus shops

– Organize tournaments on your own tracks and participate in tournaments of other track owners (in progress)

– Put the Runy token into External Staking and Farming (in progress)

– Buy or sell it on Uniswap in the polygon chain, converting it into USDT

It must be said that Runy is a utility token, it is not a token designed for speculation, therefore any attempt to speculate by trading Runy on Uniswap, as well as any gain or loss resulting from pure trading are to be attributed to the user’s independent decision. Runy’s pure speculation is not promoted as a value proposition by the company.

Read more about Runy tokens: https://runiverse.run/2023/01/12/runy-tokenomics-explained/

What is Runiverse & Equeus?

Staked Runy: Staked Runys are 5-year vested Runys with APY entitlement that are included in Equeus Mystery Packs. In fact, buying Runy freely on Uniswap or buying a Mystery Pack with Staked Runy on Equeus are two different operations, each with its pros and cons. The first gives the possibility of trading on Runy, immediately obtaining Runy free from any constraints, the second gives the possibility of accessing the whole long series of advantages relating to Equeus.

Vesting: Vesting is the blocking of tokens for a period of time, in order to give the company sufficient time to create a product and a use case of sufficient reputation to justify the sustainability of the project at high levels. The vesting of the Staked Runy tokens (obtained with the purchase of the Mystery Packs) has a duration of 5 years, with the first release of 25% of the locked tokens after two years. In essence, the company, thanks to the vesting, will have two years to make Runiverse and the whole ecosystem a successful use-case so as to make the project sustainable in the long term. In exchange for the vesting, the user will receive APY

APY: APYs are rewards received, in free RUNY tokens, from those who have purchased Mystery Packs and consequently hold Staked Runys. APYs change based on pack size, for example Mystery Pack Gold has an APY of 15%/year distributed weekly, i.e. 0.28% per week in free Runys will be distributed on top of the amount of Staked Runys held.

How to start

To be able to buy Mystery Packs, you need to be member of Equeus!

Click here to create your personal account: https://equeus.com/register/limbix

After registration, you will be able to buy your Mystery Pack in the “Mystery Pack” section:

What is Runiverse & Equeus?

All purchases will be performed in USDT on the Polygon chain. You will need a MetaMask wallet on the Polygon chain.

You will find a detailed instruction on how to install MetaMask and add the Polygon network: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/how-to-add-polygon-to-metamask

For questions, please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/runiverseglobal

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