Wafini: Cardano-based DAO powered NFT marketplace launches fully functional demo

Wafini team has announced the release of the demo of the first DAO Powered NFT Marketplace on Cardano. 

Join Wafini Seed Sale https://sale.wafini.app/.

According to the team, the Wafini NFT Marketplace Demo would lay the necessary foundation for all future releases, though this may not be the final outlook of the Wafini NFT Marketplace as there could be further enhancements to the design before Beta launch on Cardano Mainnet by Q1 2023.

Wafini Seed Sale

Wafini’s seed sale is ongoing and demand for #WFI Tokens has surged, 30% of its allotted tokens have been scooped by participants.

Early investors looking to acquire the $WFI governance token can join in the seed round using this link: https://sale.wafini.app/.

Early adopters who purchase more than 100,000 $WFI in a single transaction will get a bonus Wafini Genesis Passport NFT.

Looking to join Wafini?, here’s a detailed and pictorial guide on how to join the Wafini seed sale.

Wafini Seed Sale Details 

1 ADA = 50 $WFI Tokens

1 $WFI = 0.025 ADA

Duration = 30 Days

Seed  Sale Allocation: 15,000,000 $WFI Tokens

Minimum buy: 500 ADA

For further details on the Wafini Token Sale visit the documentation page.

About Wafini

Wafini is a Web 3.0 community-driven decentralized NFT Marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens built on the Cardano Blockchain.

Join Seed Sale: https://sale.wafini.app

Litepaper: https://docs.wafini.app/litepaper

Website:  https://wafini.app/

How to Buy: https://docs.wafini.app/wfi/how-to-buy

Twitter : https://twitter.com/wafini_app

Telegram Group: https://t.me/wafini

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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