Vitalik Buterin Reveals Ethereum Update, Litecoin and KangaMoon Top Gainers This Week

Vitalik Buterin Reveals Ethereum Update, Litecoin and KangaMoon Top Gainers This Week


As Ethereum co-founder
Vitalik Buterin announces network upgrades that are centered around
simplification, security reinforcement, and operational efficiency for
Ethereum network, investors are taking a position in Litecoin (LTC)
and KangaMoon (KANG) at the start of the second quarter. In
Particular, the Litecoin token is bouncing back from a recent downturn
that suggests an imminent bullish reversal. On the other hand,
KangaMoon has managed to raise substantial capital through its presale
stage. Having crossed over the $4 million presale funding milestone,
KangaMoon exhibits strong market presence and increasing adoption
while offering huge potential in the meme coin and DeFi

Vitalik Buterin Releases New Update For Ethereum (ETH)
To Aid Seamless Usage

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has just dropped
updates and improvements to the Ethereum network. One important change
is EIP-6780, which makes the network simpler and more secure by
optimizing a certain code (SELFDESTRUCT). They also removed
unnecessary code from the Ethereum network and used a method called
“precompiles” to make certain tasks on Ethereum faster and
more efficient.

With Ethereum
currently experiencing a declining momentum, these updates should help
it regain some vigor due to how they’ll help Ethereum run smoother
and safer now. Ethereum token is holding in a

weekly price

of $3,315.21 and $3,664.36 despite declining by 8.52%
this past week.

KangaMoon (KANG) Completes Its Fourth Stage
Presale As It Raises Over $4M in Revenue

Pioneering the first GameFi and SocialFi
platform in the meme coin space, KangaMoon


is burgeoning as the
token has seen an impressive growth rate that is beyond expectations.
Still in its presale phase, KangaMoon has just completed the fourth
stage and is now entering the 5th stage presale with a new price of
$0.0196 for each $KANG tokens.

The recent rise in KangaMoon token to $0.0196 from
its initial price of $0.005, marks a 290% ROI for early buyers of the
token. Due to its monumental growth, investors are increasingly
flocking to KangaMoon as its community of registered members now
surpasses 20,000 with an average of 5,000 KANG holders recorded.

As KangaMoon begins the
5th stage of its presale to set the pace for its Q2 plans, the token
has amassed over $4M in presale funding with analysts predicting that
it could break the $5M funding milestone before the end of April.
Apart from its financial allure, KangaMoon is also attracting
investors and traders from both the meme coin and DeFi market due to
its social media community earning incentive.

While in its presale, the social media earning incentive grants
new and existing users KANG token in return for sharing posts and
commenting on KangaMoon social media pages. This side attraction is
only a tip of the iceberg, compared to the battle contests, gaming
challenges which grants you opportunities to claim tokens prizes and
rewards as well as NFTs in the main KangaMoon

Litecoin (LTC) Recovers From A Brief Downturn in

mostly maintaining a bullish and positive momentum this past week,
Litecoin token still fell to volatility as the token couldn’t avoid
declining below its weekly highs, almost reaching its weekly support
of $91.40, however, Litecoin quickly regained stance as it managed to
total a 9.41% rise while it holds in a

weekly price

of $88.40 and $110.85 .

In the past month, Litecoin has also been able to
rise by 11.82%. With Litecoin futures currently listed on Coinbase and
Bitcoin halving incoming, Litecoin holders can expect a potential
price increase.

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