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VeChainThor mobile wallet will be deprecated and become read-only from 31st March.

Refer to the official tweet by VET:

🚨 Update on VeChainThor Mobile Wallet deprecation – Taking Place 31st March, 2024 🚨

In December, we shared that the VeChainThor mobile wallet would become read-only, with VeWorld assuming its role as VeChain’s main official wallet.

Following the announcement, many of you…

Mar 20, 2024

VET Info

VeChain VVET is a blockchain platform specifically designed to enhance transparency in supply chains.

VeChain’s technology is built upon two tokens: VET and VTHO. The VET token primarily serves as a means of payment or money transfer among VeChain users. On the other hand, the VTHO token is utilized to pay for transaction fees and interact with smart contracts on the VeChain blockchain.

It is important to note that VeChain has established collaborations with numerous prominent companies and organizations. For instance, the project has partnered with international consulting firm PwC, automobile manufacturer BMW, and others. This is attributed to VeChain’s blockchain approach, which is highly suitable for industrial applications, particularly in the realm of supply chain management.

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