Top Crypto Gainers of The Day

As March is about to end, we are left with one more week before this month’s end. March was one of the best performance months for the crypto market. For today (26th of May), the crypto market is back to its bullish nature. Many cryptocurrencies are rushing to recover their lost values in the season of dips. It includes Bitcoin, trading just above $70K, whereas Ethereum’s price targets $50K. Among these fierce crypto fights over profits, let’s look into the list of top crypto gainers for the day. 

Introducing Top Crypto Gainers of The Day

According to the CoinmarketCap, the top crypto gainers for today are dogwifhat, APTOS, IOTA, BONK, and Internet Computer. Let’s have a look at all of these best-performing altcoins one by one. 

dogwifhat (WIF)

dogwifhat is on the best performance and the first crypto in the list of crypto gainers for today. It is presently trading at $3.19 after an 18% hike in a day and a 30% hike within a week. Also, the token’s market cap is up by 18%, pushing the value to $3,191,088,423 with the 44th position on CoinmarketCap. It has been only a few days since dogwifhat created a new ATH record of $3.53, which is just 10% away from the current value. As the trading volume has surged to $592,048,475 after a 1.7% hike, there are chances that dogwifhat price might cross the ATH in the next few days. 


Aptos price has reached the $18.21 mark after a 13% hike. It has been continuously on surge for a week now, where the price is up by 18%. APT is ranked 21st on the CoinmarketCap with a 13% surge in value, pushing it to $7,207,365,150. The number of transactions has increased heavily for this token, as the trading volume is at %515,168,521 after a 90% surge. Aptos is just 8% away from its ATH value of $19.90, which is exciting for investors. With the ongoing bullish trends, it might surge over that. 


After a minor dip in prices last week, IOTA prices have recovered today, with the current price of $0.3668 after a 12% hike. Its market cap has also surged to $1,170,681,340 after a 12.49% hike. IOTA has surged 250% in case of its trading volume, where it is currently at $78,195,423. Compared to its all-time high value, IOTA is still 93% away from its best performance, but with the continuous price surge, the chances has increased for a better profit from what it was earlier. Let’s see if being on the list of crypto gainers will help the token reach a better peak. 


BONK price has surged 13%, leading to the current value of $0.00002656 with a market cap of $1,730,818,046. After surging to its all-time value of $0.00004704, the BONK was going through a downtrend, and now it has finally made a recovery where the price is up by 25% from what it was a month ago. Its trading volume has surged 71.89%, pushing the value to $309,059,927. 

Internet Computer (ICP)

ICP is the last crypto gainer for this list. It is currently trading at $18.96 after a hike of 11% in a day. ICP is not on just a simple day peak, as the token has surged for days. Its trading volume has risen to $592,991,957 after a 10.56% hike, whereas the market cap is at $8,766,139,261 after a 12.39% hike. 

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With the ongoing extreme greed zone, many cryptocurrencies have managed to gain a good hike, including the top crypto gainers of the day; WIF, APT, IOTA, BONK, and ICP. It has to see whether this was just a day thing or if these cryptocurrencies have the potential to rise over the next few days as well. 

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