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One issue the crypto world has faced for a while is that it isn’t that welcoming to newcomers. While thousands of new crypto fans have been created in the last few years, these have still normally been tech-savvy investors, or those who at least have some inclination to get involved in rapidly emerging tech. While you might see news stories about Bitcoin on mainstream outlets, crypto investing still isn’t mainstream. Especially for a range of altcoins.

If the true benefits of digital currencies are to be realized, more uptake is needed from regular investors. And while a lot of the terminology and strategies associated with crypto investing are still complicated, this could be a barrier to widespread mass-adoption. That’s why we’ve picked three cryptos that are great options for newcomers to the scene, and could be perfectly-positioned to help digital currencies hit the mainstream.

Gnox Token (GNOX)

We think GNOX is perhaps the perfect platform for newcomers to crypto, and especially DeFi investment strategies. The problem with staking crypto for passive income returns is that it can often be complicated. The gains are there to be had, but why would a crypto newbie start getting involved when they don’t even know where to start?

Gnox helps solve this, by providing yield farming as a service. They’re perfectly placed to introduce regular investors to the benefits of DeFi investment, and the GNOX treasury takes care of all the headaches for you. So Gnox users simply hold their coins, occasionally vote on how much risk they want their investments to take, and sit back and count their passive income. GNOX is at the forefront of financial democratization and sits as the perfect bridge between digital investments and the traditional investment world. That’s why it’s perfect for newcomers.

Monero (XMR)

Monero is an extremely interesting project, and it’s already been around for a while in the crypto scene. While some of the fundamentals can be complicated for newcomers, it’s also pioneering ultimate anonymity and next-level privacy features for one of the most private cryptos around. These benefits should appeal to newcomers who want to take back full-control of their money.

Vechain (VET)

Vechain aims to help improve supply-chain management issues for both small and large businesses by implementing blockchain supply services. The business world has been crying out for help addressing supply-chain issues for decades, and VET could be the answer in bringing them into the 21st century with a bang. It also aims to combine both decentralized and centralized finance sectors by building a balanced platform that emphasizes collaboration and speedy transactions.

For investors who want to be part of the blockchain’s efforts to revolutionize real-world business strategies and logistics, VET could be the perfect coin to take a look at.


Newcomers to crypto need to remember that short-term price volatility shouldn’t put them off. Get rich quick schemes aren’t why you should get into the crypto space. Understanding the key principles of a project are important, and the long-term viability of a coin. Digital currencies are the future, so the long-term benefits of these coins should far-outweigh short-term bull and bear cycles.

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