This Crypto Could Help You Recover From Recent Market Downturn, And It Is Not Injective (INJ) and VeChain (VET)

As the market grapples with volatility, investors are searching for assets that can weather the storm while offering long-term potential. Even established players like Injective (INJ) and VeChain (VET) haven”t been spared, recently experiencing double-digit declines.  Entering the scene is  Pullix (PLX), a DeFi project that offers an innovative hybrid model combining centralized and decentralized finance (CeFi and DeFi) with unique features that positions it at the forefront of revolution in the DwFi market. As investors weigh options amidst volatility, these projects present compelling opportunities, and prospects for growth.

Injective (INJ) Eyes Price Surge After Whale Accumulation

Injective (INJ), just like the broader crypto market which has experienced volatility, has significantly declined by more than 12% in the past week. This downward movement covers a YTD thinning of more than 9%, contrasting with its spectacular growth in 2023. However, Injective (INJ) may be on the verge of a breakout after a recent Crypto bull run fueled by the whales on April 4th. 

This event has left the Injective community abuzz with excitement as it could mean a price surge for the token that has declined in the recent week. Analytical data further revealed that the whale wallets have, for the past week, received a combined $24.8 million worth of INJ tokens which has now stretched their holdings to over 10.6 million INJ tokens. This notable purchase once again illustrates the role that whales play in the market to increase the INJ token value due to their buying enthusiasm.

VET Exhibits Potential for Solid Growth and Market Presence

VeChain (VET) is one of those blockchain technology projects that has caught the attention of investors looking for exposure to real life applications of blockchain. Contrary to the speculative projects, VeChain network enhances tangible solutions which are part of supply chain management as well as product authentication that benefit sectors such as logistics, food safety and luxury goods. 

Meanwhile, the VET token has itself undergone a 65% growth over the last year, while amassing an impressive market capitalization of more than $3 billion, placing it amongst top crypto coins in the industry. Nevertheless, the nature of the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and VET has witnessed a 17% price drop in the past month and over 14% decline in the past week.  

Pullix (PLX): A New Contender in the Crypto Market

Pullix (PLX) is rapidly gaining traction in the crypto market with features designed to attract both new and experienced investors. Users can start trading with real money for as low as $0.08 and benefit from the recently launched staking feature that offers rewards for locking tokens. The strong community engagement is evident with a remarkable 25% of presale tokens already staked, with many locked for a lengthy 180 days. 

Unlike the regular DeFi projects, Pullix’s innovative exchange model combines the best of CeFi and DeFi, offering discounted trading fees up to 60% off!, a unique profit sharing that allocates a portion of the platform’s daily revenue to active traders, and a KYC-free trading experience. Furthermore the platform places security as its top priority as it plans to integrate a third-party blockchain analysis software within the coming weeks. 

With a growing team of tech savvies behind the wheel, Pullix is actively working towards building an even more robust trading infrastructure by the end of Q2. This development focus aligns perfectly with the project’s growing popularity and profit-sharing model which, among other things, is the project’s core attraction.

Meanwhile, industry analysts are also expressing optimism for Pullix’s future, with projections suggesting a potential surge towards the $2 mark by the end of 2024. Overall, Pullix is on its way to become the best new crypto in 2024 with its unique hybrid model, strong community, innovative features, and commitment to security and development. 

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