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The insufficient carbon footprint is spreading to our climate like wildfire! With how cryptocurrency is incorporated nowadays, many of them are mined or printed, leading to an increase in carbon footprint. Nonetheless, three cryptocurrencies are making waves in lowering carbon footprint as well as bringing more positives to our environment. This article will uncover how Cardano (ADA), Nano (XNO), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) push for change in our climate; making today a brighter tomorrow!

Cardano’s Green Keeps Getting Greener

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, operating as a proof-of-stake. The ambition of Cardano and its engineers is to reduce the quantity of power being refined for the blockchains. This DeFi crypto avoids the mining process over thousands of computers, which is typically utilized by thousands of cryptocurrencies. The reduction in mining has led to a lower carbon footprint; a positive sustainability towards our environment! With Cardano being compared to electric vehicles, they both share a similar intention; reducing carbon footprint. What’s quite fascinating is that Cardano is 37,500 times more energy efficient than the well-established Bitcoin (BTC).

If you’re wanting to approach a cryptocurrency that’s potentially a great investment as well as benefiting our environment, then look no further! Cardano’s reduction in carbon footprint creates an encouragement for more cryptocurrencies to operate on less mining!

Nano May Mean Small, But The Aid Is Big!

Nano (XNO) is a delegated proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that evades transaction fees. That’s right, no fees are added on with any transactions. Following the similarity to Cardano (ADA), Nano is also energy efficient! This sustainable cryptocurrency is neither mined nor printed while applying less data storage. The usage of less data also sparks faster transactions. Ordinarily, transactions in a lot of cryptocurrencies tend to boost the carbon footprint. However, the transactions with Nano run as low as 0.111Wh; increasingly lower than other cryptocurrencies.

In the science world, Nano means small. With its small intake of energy, Nano continues to pioneer in being a viable cryptocurrency for our environment. Investing in Nano leads to a promising opportunity, along with its contribution to supporting our climate.

With Great Big Eyes, Comes Great Sustainability

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that’s new to the game. Within its current presale stages, Big Eyes Coin continues to grow by raising more than $17 million. The cat-themed cryptocurrency features identical traits to Cardano (ADA) and Nano (XNO); Big Eyes Coin too has a lower carbon footprint! On the other hand, Big Eyes Coin contributes to supporting our ocean. 5% of the purchased crypto goes to a charity wallet; donations to charities that fight for saving the ocean. The soon-to-be Big Eyes Coin NFTs will bring in a stronger community that’s advocating for the same cause!

A unique (and yet impressive) crypto that’s helping our greenery (and our blue as well). While it’s in presale, this creates a promising potential for investing in this pawesome cryptocurrency! You can buy your very own Big Eyes Coin cryptocurrency here.

To Conclude…

The three cryptocurrencies have proven in the past, are proving in the present, and are about to prove in the future that there’s a capability in making a strong investment. These eco-friendly cryptocurrencies strengthen their message and advocacy for having to look after our planet!

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