Rate That Crypto (RTC), Telcoin (TEL) and Bancor (BNT)

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has achieved substantial growth since its inception. The industry has made a lot of millionaires and has greatly solved the world economy’s unemployment problem. With new crypto projects and numerous innovations in the industry, crypto will be around for a long time. 

Investors are constantly looking for shitcoins or significantly undervalued coins with a shot at peaking. Due to the market’s volatility, these underrated stocks’ all-time highs (ATHs) are imminent. In the past, we’ve seen coins achieve 100x and even 1000x, and certain new cryptos can achieve these great leaps.

Telcoin (TEL), Bancor (BNT), and the new project Rate That Crypto (RTC) are tokens investors should look out for. Their undervalued nature makes them viable options for crypto whales to make degen plays. Individuals that missed Bitcoin in 2009 can have a shot at redemption with these potential alphas.

Explore this article to discover the utilities of these tokens that could cause them to boom.

Telcoin (TEL) merges the crypto ecosystem with the mobile network industry 

Telcoin (TEL) is a financial platform that is decentralized and run by functional Telcoin users, mobile networks, and instant finance providers. This platform seeks to build decentralized applications (DApps) and issue them to mobile phone users across the globe. It is done with the help of telecom providers. 

Telcoin instantly conveys funds worldwide through blockchain technology and mobile financial layout. The platform’s partnership with mobile network operators enables its services to reach many users.

Telcoin (TEL) is the governing ERC-20 token of the Telcoin platform. This utility token acts as a primary channel of exchange, reserve, and protocol assets on the platform. The TEL token also functions as a link between platform users. There is efficient delivery of affordable services to the users by executing token issuance based on the transaction volume and level of integration.

Bancor (BNT) offers interconnectivity in the blockchain industry 

Bancor (BNT) is a troupe of smart contracts that control the asset transfer between different tokens on the Bancor Network. Users of the Bancor Network can utilize these smart contracts to initiate a conversion between tokens on the network, including those that belong to other blockchains. Also, the smart contracts on the Bancor Network control access to the network’s liquidity pools, which link different tokens.

The Bancor Network Token (BNT) is the governing token at the center of the network. It serves as a focal point that connects the other tokens. The platform also possesses a secondary token known as the USD Bancor (USDB). USDB is a stable form of the BNT used as a substitute reserve currency for the Bancor Network.

Investors stand a chance to reap great benefits from Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Rate That Crypto (RTC) is a mobile platform with captivating utility. This platform enables users to earn cryptocurrency by making accurate predictions on the price direction of coins. Players can stake points to determine if a particular token will be bearish or bullish over a specific period. 

Monthly, players stand a chance to earn rewards from the designated prize pool. The platform’s utility token, RTC, is designed to have sufficient utility for rewards. As players progress on the leaderboard, they can win these RTC tokens. Players that hold and stake these tokens will be granted access to regular airdrops.

Furthermore, players that own membership NFTs will be referred to as the platform’s VIPs. These VIPs will enjoy exclusive access to an additional prize pool. They will also be able to call first dibs on the project’s merchandise. Moreso, they will be awarded premium access to in-app analysis. 

Rate That Crypto is a platform for everyone, as its app is built to serve both iOS and Android users. It will further facilitate the adoption of the project and the crypto industry.

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For the latest news on Rate That Crypto check out the RTC Discord Server and join the telegram group.

For more information on Rate That Crypto visit the links below:

Presale Website: www.ratethatcrypto.com

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ratethatcrypto 



  • USD Coin (USDC) on the Polygon network is required to buy the $RTC presale
  • Ensure that you have a small amount of Polygon (MATIC) to cover gas fees. 
  • MetaMask is highly recommended (either desktop or in-app). However, TrustWallet and Coinbase Wallets are also supported

How to buy USDC (PoS)

Option 1: buy USDC directly

A) Import the USDC token

Copy the Polygon USDC token address: 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174 

In your MetaMask Wallet, Press ‘Import token’ and paste the address.

B) Buy via transak/ moonpay using your card

From MetaMask, press Buy and you choose either MoonPay or Transak. You will need to follow their additional steps, likely including KYC depending on your local region

Option 2: Polygon bridge

A) Bridge ethereum tokens

Go to the Polygon Bridge and select your Ethereum based token that you wish to bridge to Polygon. Ideally USDC, but you can also bridge ETH, MATIC, USDT etc.

*If you bridge Ethereum based USDC to Polygon USDC, you can skip Step 2 and are done!

B) Swap for USDC (if needed)

Select Polygon Swap on the left pane and enter the token value amount that you wish to swap for Polygon USDC. Approve and Confirm the transaction in your Wallet

How to buy RTC

A) Visit ratethatcrypto.com and connect your wallet

Ensure the Polygon Network is selected and then press ‘CONNECT WALLET’

B) Enable permission

Confirm that you allow the contract to access your USDC balance. Don’t worry, no transaction will occur yet

Enter the $USDC amount that you wish to invest. The minimum investment is $10.

C) Enter amount

D) Approve transaction

Press ‘Approve Transaction’ and confirm the request in your Wallet when prompted

E) Purchase RTC!

Press ‘Purchase RTC’ and confirm the transaction once more in your Wallet.

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