Polygon, Avalanche & Shiba Inu — Asian Wrap 28 October

Polygon’s prosperity in the crypto market seems to be extending as the DeFi chain is improving on cross-chain infrastructure. Building on the same, Polygon joined hands with Axelar, known for delivering secure cross-chain communications to bring cross-chain interoperability to the Polygon Supernets.

Avalanche price shows a bearish divergence between current highs and the highs established in September near $22. The Volume Profile Indicator shows the current uptrend as less powerful than the previous decline. This thesis remains neutral based on the factors mentioned below.

Shiba Inu price took the market by surprise as a 20% rally unfolded early in the week. Key levels have been identified to gauge a potential entry before the uptrend continues. Shiba Inu price rallied in applaudable fashion as the notorious meme coin pulled off a stunning 20% rally. 

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