Polkadot-backed Community Coin, DED Trends on X After Memecoin Snapshot Announcement

Polkadot-backed Community Coin, DED Trends on X After Memecoin Snapshot Announcement

The community coin #DED, endorsed by Polkadot, reached the top of X’s trending charts, indicating the enthusiasm and involvement of the community in the meme coin.

Over 20,000 people are waiting for their airdrop in the $DED telegram channel, demonstrating the newfound interest the project has created in the Polkadot ecosystem.

The platform hopes that $DED represents a second coming for the Polkadot ecosystem and new liquidity, as the token’s snapshot debuted early last week.

Talisman Wallet, Nova Wallet, SubWallet, and other prominent projects on the network are partnering with and supporting $DED, demonstrating the strength and dedication of the Polkadot community.

With a total prize pool of over $30,000 in DOT, DED has also started the largest Zealy campaign the network has ever seen. Notable figures in the cryptocurrency world have also joined in on the fun. In a segment of his most recent video, YouTuber DataDash said that this would “Put Polkadot back in centre stage,” while other participants included Ash Crypto, DubzyXBT, and Crypto Banter.

It is a DED dot. Mission Recap: The community launched DOT, which is $DED, to produce the first memecoin on DOT. The locals believed that by banding together, they could create excitement and draw more people to Polkadot. The difficult aspect was figuring out how to do it, but the team realized the solution was in front of them after witnessing how $BONK catalyzed Solana ($SOL).

Approximately 100,000 of the more than one million DOT holders have persevered to support the DED launch. After taking the snapshot, DOT and DED are waiting for its airdrop.

Observe on X and join the $DED Telegram chat for the most recent information and community activities.

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