‘Make sure Ethereum wins’ — Steve Newcomb reveals zkSync’s prime directive By Cointelegraph

‘Make sure Ethereum wins’ — Steve Newcomb reveals zkSync’s prime directive

Steve Newcomb is a Silicon Valley veteran with a long list of achievements. He built software for trading energy in the 90s, was a pioneer in adding email to phones, and helped create the back end of the Bing search engine under Peter Thiels mentorship. Today, he heads up development for Berlin-based Matter Labs, which is building scaling solutions for .

I was very much a skeptic when it came to cryptocurrency and blockchain, explains Newcomb, zkSyncs chief product officer. He adds that it took two years of study before he understood the topic and the benefits to his satisfaction.

Newcomb developed the back end of Bing with investment from Peter Thiel. Source: Telegram
Scaling Ethereum means creating the space for a massive increase in traffic. Source: Pexels
Newcombs current profile pic. Source: Telegram
Some big names have agreed to port over to zkSyncs mainnet. Source: zkSync
Newcomb is very keen on the five points he believes make zkSync the best scaling solution. Source: zkSync

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