Litecoin, Big Eyes and Evmos – 3 Crypto Markets for a Balanced Portfolio

Blockchain can be a perplexing technology; its cryptocurrency counterpart is no different. You could be forgiven for tangling yourself in frustration trying to debunk the myths and mysteries of the blockchain-based FinTech phenomenon. Here are 3 crypto markets worth taking a look at for the next crypto bull market.

Litecoin – The ‘silver’ Bitcoin Fork

Sometimes thought of as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin is a fork of the Bitcoin code with a faster block generation time. Compared to the BTC blockchain, a Litecoin transaction takes between 2 and 8 minutes, depending on network congestion.

Recently, the Litecoin blockchain has experienced a surge in activity and transaction volume. During the week of the 16th-23rd of October, LTC saw over $1 million worth of transactions, a huge surge in blockchain activity. Could this infer a renewed interest in one of the OG cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, this might be a bit of a stretch… Litecoin has always struggled in the shadow of its parent, Bitcoin. The project has never really developed meaningful partnerships or collaborations and it has fallen foul of not innovating to the extent of other blockchains. For this reason, your portfolio might be better allocated toward other projects.

Evmos – Unifying the Cosmos with Ethereum assets

Evmos has been a bear market stand-out performer so far. Deploying less than a year ago, Evmos is a layer-1 blockchain built on the Tendermint consensus upon which all Cosmos-based utilities are. This means that all ATOM-based applications are inherently interoperable with each other. However, what makes Evmos stand out from all other Cosmos Layer-1s is that it is built purposefully to be able to communicate with all Ethereum assets and networks.

A network between the world of Cosmos and Ethereum could be the clinching factor behind the ultimate success of the Cosmos Hub. Evmos boasts low-cost and very swift transactions making it a true force to be reckoned with, both in and out of its respective networks. In recent weeks, the Evmos network has seen a significant increase in on-chain activity. Its primary DEX, a Uniswap fork called Diffusion Finance has just recorded an all-time high in TVL (Total Value Locked). Considering we are in the midst of a bear market, this is quite an achievement.

Big Eyes Coin continues to build in the bear

The Big Eyes Coin community are awaiting a host of project updates. The most recent of which is that Discord is coming very soon to the community. Discord is essential for the longevity of any project as it solidifies the community together. The Discord will be announced on the Big Eyes Twitter account as well as in its existing telegram, so stay tuned if you’re an avid Big Eyes fan!

Further down the line, the Big Eyes team are looking to release a series of cat-themed NFTs, giving access to its exclusive membership club. The details of this are undisclosed but the NFT release should help to maintain and build on existing excitement around the project. The NFT market is expected to reach new highs in its next bull market, and Big Eyes looks primed to take advantage of this.

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