Kelexo challenges Aave; Ethereum, Cardano, investors join presale

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The ongoing Kelexo (KLXO) token presale is attracting capital from Aave (AAVE),  Ethereum (ETH), and Cardano (ADA) holders.

While this period is special for many religious people, it is also quite important for investors, especially those in the crypto market. After an extended period of decline, the market is making a recovery. Naturally, this also means investors are making, or about to make good profits. Yet, this isn’t so widespread and the returns differ from one investor to the next.

The difference isn’t always capital, although it certainly plays a part. Instead, the wisdom of certain investors allows them to generate incredible returns, even with little capital. We tap into that knowledge and connect readers to returns by highlighting trends within Aave, Ethereum, and Cardano. We also cover the new Kelexo token presale.

Aave struggles amid market volatility 

Aave is a decentralized open-source liquidity protocol. It is a DeFi project that allows users to contribute to non-custodial liquidity pools. Aave has marginal growth as of the time of writing. While it has increased by 11% from the previous week, Aave stays around $128.35.

Before the market crash, Aave traded steadily above $130 and it doesn’t look like it could maintain that this time, assuming it even reached that value. Aave could still be a solid investment, but there appears to be declining faith in what it can offer.

Ethereum gets a boost

Ethereum is rising again and could be more stable this time. Investors will be happy that declines have stopped but also that Ethereum is now heading upward again. As of press time, its market cap has been boosted to around $430 billion. 

Ethereum sells for $3,590.39 per unit as of press time and has gone over $3,620 in intra-week trading. There is much hope around Ethereum now and more excitement as well.

How far is Cardano from $1?

Progress in the last few days has Cardano holders more optimistic. Cardano had struggled to achieve significant things but did go close to $0.80 at various points in March.

Cardano trades at $0.6607 and there may be much needed before it hits $1. However, experts remain adamant that Cardano could hit that value and do so before the midway point of the year.

The Kelexo presale promise

Kelexo is a fast-rising DeFi project with several admirers. The most significant attraction to the project is its interesting blend of utility and returns, which appeals to users and investors. Kelexo could take over the lending market and even surpass tokens like AAVE.

It has many interesting features that make it different but more importantly better for users. Kelexo is more flexible and allows payments using a variety of assets. Users can also swap their tokens directly on the platform with no commissions. Kelexo also has speed and efficiency, making it a great option for users. Kelexo is in the second stage of its presale, with the token going for $0.05. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Kelexo (KLXO) presale website

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