Jake Gagain Predicts XRP to Rise to $5, Mind Trader Bullish On Bitcoin Cash, as KangaMoon Nears $3.5 Million

Popular X influencer Jake Gagain is very bullish on XRP (XRP) and believes the token could set a new all-time high record in 2024. After an impressive performance in the past month, another crypto analyst, Mind Trader, expects Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to see an exponential rise this year. Meanwhile, the biggest bet remains on KangaMoon (KANG) which has continued to tower above others in the meme coin market. Let’s dive in.

KangaMoon (KANG) Nears $3.5 Million in Presale

With analysts predicting a huge rise for XRP and Bitcoin Cash, KangaMoon is moving fast as one of the top meme coins in the market. The platform offers a blend of SocialFi models integrated with play-to-earn gaming thereby creating an ecosystem where individuals can participate in different gaming adventures.

KangaMoon is for every user including players, holders and spectators. Players get to test their skills against formidable competitors and earn substantial rewards by winning. At stage 4 of the presale, KangaMoon already has the investor’s attention with $3,208,234.333 raised in the presale so far.

The project is still at an early stage and has jumped from the $0.005 initial price to $0.014 representing a 180% return on investment for early buyers. Notably, purchasing KangaMoon now comes with a big 10% bonus. The team is making plans to list the token in a major CEX exchange in Q2. Holders can earn free tokens by participating in community activities such as commenting on posts and sharing tweets.

With the potential of the token to skyrocket by 50x in the coming months, investors can earn huge profits by entering now at a low price. With the project eyeing the $200B NFT market, KangaMoon is one of the top meme coins with a bullish outlook. As such, analysts make a bold prediction that the token may sell at $1 in the year.

Jake Gagain Predicts XRP (XRP) Surge to $5

Jake Gagain, the popular analyst with about 300k X followers, made the bold prediction that XRP could trade at $5 in 2024. Reflecting on its rise in 2017, Jake drew a parallel line with XRP burgeoning momentum now.

He further opined that the continued development in the XRP ecosystem could make the prediction a reality. While there are high chances for an XRP price surge in 2024, a prediction of $5 may be overly ambitious. As such, a modest prediction of some analysts is for XRP to close down to its all-time high in 2024.

Mind Trader Forecasts Huge Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surge

Mind Trader, a top crypto analyst has made a strong bullish projection on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and expects the token to see huge rise before the end of the year. With the  Bitcoin Cash token showing resilience in the wake of Bitcoin collapse, Mind Trader projects the token to keep up the momentum.

Mind Trader observed that Bitcoin Cash is having a double bottom support that has seen it stabilize near the $500 threshold. He believes that a breakout is on the way which could see Bitcoin Cash price rally as high as $602 in 2024.

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