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The decentralization of finance is an exciting new phenomenon. It promises to reduce our reliance on centralized intermediaries and make the financial system more efficient and equitable. But, unfortunately, many DeFi projects have been hacked, warranting better security practices against future attacks.

There are some important lessons to be learned from previous hacks, but they are not warnings that the whole DeFi ecosystem is broken

In many hacks, users lost funds because of bugs in smart contracts written by third-party developers or for other reasons beyond the control of the DeFi project itself. While these incidents are important to learn from, they should not be taken as warnings that DeFi is broken.

The only true failsafe for DeFi projects is the codebase itself

While the DeFi vertical is still in its infancy, it’s important to remember that code can only do so much. The only thing that can be trusted is code. The only thing that can be fixed if there are any problems is code. It remains up to humans to do a proper job coding, though.

If a project fails because of harmful code or poor implementation, then at least you know it was not your fault. 

The goal here isn’t just creating something useful. It’s also about learning how things work under the hood so developers can build more robust solutions in the future.

Better smart contract security will come from better education and more community investment in acquiring these skills

It’s important to remember that DeFi is still young, and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, there will be many more opportunities for developers and investors in the years ahead.

However, one thing that could make all our lives easier is better education on how these systems work and why they are secure. Unfortunately, few people understand what actually goes into writing a line of code. 

That leads many developers to take shortcuts that compromise security or performance. We see the results today with massive hacks happening every month.

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The scalability issues are the biggest challenge to DeFi.

There are a lot of different issues with DeFi, but the biggest is scalability. 

DeFi is a new technology and it’s still being tested, so there will be kinks to work out. In addition, the fact that so many different platforms are involved means that each one has to solve its own problems before it can handle high-volume transactions.

When you’re dealing with billions in transactions per second, this can be a real problem. Making different ecosystems communicate openly is another major issue to overcome. 


We’re still in the early stages of this revolution, but we can already see how DeFi accelerates our ability to transact and create value. The future of finance is here, and it’s looking bright!

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