IOTA can help solve the worldwide plastic problem and help billions of people and animals

  • The bIOTAsphere projects from IOTA to work with other participants towards a common goal of zero-net emissions.
  • The bIOTAsphere has undertaken one such KUPKrush project which rewards each participating actor who moves the cup closer to its recycling destination.

The IOTA blockchain is playing in the role and contributing to several business applications and use-cases. But one area where the IOTA blockchain is actively participating is towards a better environment and climate control.

The IOTA blockchain has been part of several environment conservation projects in the market and one such project is the bIOTAsphere. IOTA calls it a collaborative environment offering solutions using distributed ledger technology. As part of this initiative, IOTA will work with several industry leaders in order to innovate and create a better world.

The bIOTAsphere is an entirely self-sustaining and non-profit collaborative for diverse communities to interact and be a part of the IOTA revolution. Other players within the ecosystem can leverage IOTA’s secure, open, public, and immutable protocol along with its native IOTA cryptocurrency to build a sustainable infrastructure.

IOTA Foundation is confident that with its bIOTAsphere ecosystem, IOTA and other players can work towards their common goal of net-zero emissions. Besides, the bIOTAsphere can also contribute towards smart cities while enabling feeless micro-transactions ideal for device-to-device payments.

Also, the bIOTAsphere ecosystem will commercialize IOTA applications via a proven value of the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) – aka the Tangle. This way, it can solve some of the most complex problems of the world.

One of the primary goals of bIOTAsphere is to “demonstrate innovation of existing business models through proof of concepts and work with industry leaders to take these innovations further”.

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bIOTAsphere – Contributing to the Recycling Industry

Although the recycling industry for paper cups and other stuff has progressed quite a bit, it still doesn’t have the financial incentive to pull these projects on a massive scale. With bIOTAsphere, the IOTA blockchain can bring together different stakeholders in the recycling industry and make sure that each of them is financially incentivized enough to actively participate in this project.

One such project that bIOTAsphere is currently working on is KUPKrush. They plan to transform each component right from the start to the end of the supply chain.

Just at the time of manufacturing each recyclable paper cup will have a QR code. This cup can be scanned at any time in its lifecycle and information can be recorded in a decentralized database which would reveal its location and status. All this information with be stored on the IOTA blockchain.

Besides, bIOTAsphere seeks to reward each participating actor who moves the cup closer to its recycling destination. The KUPKrush machines located at several destinations will contribute to a circular economy solution for single-use paper cups.

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