ExoWorlds: Rewarding Players

Strap up your moon boots, check your oxygen supply, and please return your tray table to its locked upright position; As ExoWorlds prepares to launch its new prototype.  

The upcoming MMORPG from ExoWorlds Foundation LTD will see players launching cosmic-scale campaigns in bids to conquer the entire universe. The player adventures into the great unknown, exploring the galaxy full of mystery for great rewards. ExoWorlds includes PVP encounters, political intrigue, and resource management. The game has something for all players, including those that wish to journey alone into the vastness of space. 

ExoWorlds delivers a great storyline with AAA graphics and rewards players for playing the game. ExoWorlds stands out amongst its peers by the sheer scale of the game’s procedural generation, allowing players to build civilizations, grow their economy, and dominate their quadrant. The prototype will launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Featured gameplay footage showcases a spaceflight and impressive PVP encounters. It was soon revealed that the game would allow the player freedom to play as they chose in an open-world environment. It is up to the player if they desire to refrain from the primary progression quests and build cities full of bars and underground casinos. Or if a player wishes to be stealth-based or guns-blazing while completing a mission.

ExoWorlds comes from the mind of two brothers who had invested countless hours into playing RuneScape in the early 2000s and found that once they had accumulated enough loot, there was no safe way to sell it. At that time, only unreliable third-party black markets were available. Seeing an opportunity to find a way to play and safely transfer digital assets from player to player, an idea began to take shape. Once they entered the crypto space and came across VeChain, concepts for an MMORPG that rewards its players was born. Amongst others, the potential for solving payment problems could be resolved using crypto.

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