DeeStream captivates Litecoin, Chainlink investors

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DeeStream emerges as a compelling option for Litecoin and Chainlink investors, offering interesting blockchain solutions to the streaming industry’s challenges, as it gears up for significant growth in its presale phase.

The streaming industry is currently worth $160.55B and is expected to grow to $247B by 2027. Its market is set to expand as products arise to solve its many problems.

In this regard, DeeStream (DST) is a novel project that’s solving some of its problems using the blockchain. We explore its unique offerings and how it is attracting Litecoin (LTC) and Chainlink (LINK) investors into its impressive presale.

Litecoin is expected to cross $100 in the coming weeks

Litecoin has surged in price by 11% in the past week from $86 to $95. Trading volume is also positive in the past week. Litecoin was not severely affected by the market downturn, but its price dropped below $100. Litecoin is expected to cross $100 given the positive market conditions and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. It could even make a path toward its all-time high of $413 this year.

Litecoin investors are approaching the market cautiously as a result of last week’s experience. A couple of them are moving some holdings into the DeeStream presale, captivated by its projected growth.

Chainlink holds steady with little fluctuation

Chainlink has also recovered, rising 3.6% in the past week from $18.68 to $19.40. Chainlink was more affected by the market downturn than Litecoin but its recovery is even stronger. Chainlink set a new yearly high during the last rally and analysts are now predicting an all-time high milestone next month.

Chainlink investors are not left out of the DeeStream presale. They are exploiting its projected potential to hedge against any future market turbulence and ensure continued returns.

Why investors are choosing DeeStream

DeeStream is the world’s first decentralized streaming platform with a major goal of connecting content creators and fans across the globe. It’s like Twitch and Kick but distinguished by its fully decentralized model. Users on DeeStream can subscribe, access exclusive content, and even resell content on its marketplace.

If DeeStream excites users, they can join Litecoin and Chainlink investors in its presale. It is currently in its second stage with a price of $0.055. With 70% of all issued tokens up for grabs, presale investors enjoy a higher influence on the platform through their tokens. They also enjoy exclusive rewards, a share of platform fees, and early access to alpha and beta testing on the platform.

Litecoin and Chainlink indeed have promising prospects as market sentiments become positive. However, DeeStream’s early nature aims to assure investors greater returns before the year ends.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website.

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