Dad Shop Wants To Adopt Bitcoin, DOGE, & SHIB For 2023

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A popular Dad Shop of Australia has revealed new plans to adopt two dogs for 2023.  These  aren’t the kind that bark and hang out car windows however.   Instead, the ‘gifts for him’ store is adopting two cryptocurrencies, DogeCoin ($SHIB) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB).

The news broke recently on Crypto Coins Opps, just as the Santa Clause rally seemed to fall off the roof.     Nonetheless, it’s still great news to help combat the FUD and fallout since the FTX scandal.  

Companies are still bullish on cryptocurrency, even in Australia.

DadShop on Crypto Commerce In Australia

The crytpo adoption stems from the company’s entire executive team noticing a growing trend with eateries in Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne.   After research, the emerging Trillion dollar industry peaked their team’s interests enough to create a meeting with founders which ended with a majority decision.

“We’re always looking to improve on our customers’ shopping experience and a part of this is to allow customers a wide selection of payment options from credit card, buy now pay later and now crypto,” said the company marketing director on payment expansion.

When asked what setbacks are delaying the adoption, the director said it’s simply about making sure everything’s secure.

Benjamin mentioned , “ In addition to this we’d like to minimize fraudulent or potential fraudulent purchases.” 

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, & Bitcoin

DOGE, SHIB, and Bitcoin are the choice coins of the shop to begin with.   The executive office likes the stability and massive community support the three tokens have.  Ethereum may be added to that list, depending on the results of it being labeled a ‘security.’

Though DogeCoin and Shiba Inu are meme tokens, change is coming.   For SHIB,  when people discover the answer to ‘what is shibarium’ in real-time,  the token may progress to having utility.   DogeCoin is the same, as it develops alongside Twitter, with the help of Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.

Australians Buying Fathers’ Gifts in 2023

According to DadShop, it’s clear Aussie businesses are transitioning to digital currencies.    Though it’s going slowly, the novelty store wants to be ahead of the  movement going into 2023. 

The AU store will begin attempting to implement a merchant processing service for digital currencies, before Christmas.  A DadShop representative mentioned using Bitpay, but the checkout processor could differ later.

The site’s blog has been making it easy for shoppers. The anticipated 2022 list of Christmas Gift ideas was posted most recently to which thousands flocked to read.   It’s a list for those needing to find unique merchandise to give fathers, mothers, children, and other loved ones.

Beyond the news of crypto adoption, the popular AU Dad Shop also announced product expansion for 2023.   At least 10% more ‘gifts for him’ will be listed for sale on the site, mid-way through the year.

Currently, the shop has New Years 2023 discount offers launched across the site.    Gifts like “Hawaiin Drink Markers, a unique safety mechanism for all sexes that are social drinkers,  have prices marked down 60%.  There are several other 1OAK items available at a similar price through 203.   

$DOGE, $SHIB, and $BTC Cryptocurrency holders can reach out to the site via their official facebook to inquire about making purchases with crypto today.

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