Coca-Cola Pride series NFT collection on Polygon network

  • The software giants will release the customer NFT collection on the polygon network.
  • Coca-Cola and Rich Mnisi (an LGBTQIA+ advocate) will collaborate on the launch.

As part of its plans to celebrate with the LGBTQIA+ community, the popular beverage firm, Coca-Cola, stated that it plans to launch a Pride series NFT collection. Each NFT in the collection will be unique since they contain individual fragments of the 136 NFT collectibles. Its goal of launching this series is to provide members of the LGBTQIA+ community with colorful light, spreading the message of love everywhere.

Popular South African artist and one of the community’s vocal advocates, Rich Mnisi, will partner with Coca-Cola for this launch. Coca-Cola explains why it chose Mnisi. It is said that Mnisi’s works push the limits of community and identity. The team adds that Mnisi got the inspiration for his pride collection from the un-destroyable nature of energy.

Minting all the NFTs on the Polygon network

Mnisi explains that energy can change or transfer form. Each person can lock it up or release it. Love is similar to energy; it also changes form but is never destroyed. New forms of love can include heartbreak, trust, passion, and darkness.

These forms display love’s change of state and permanence. They remind each individual of their inner power to decide which form of love they should display. Mnisi further adds, “we display love whichever way we define it. But let’s all love one another freely.”

According to the announcement, 136 NFTs will release in the pride series NFT collection. Also, they will all be minted on the Polygon (MATIC) network. Already, there are some of these NFTs on the opensea NFT marketplace. Coca-Cola has set the floor price for these NFTs to 1 ETH.

Spreading the love message to charities

Furthermore, Coca-Cola hopes that this NFT series launch will promote the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ colors. Thus, enhancing the spread of its love message to the world. Coca-Cola also announced that it would donate all the earnings from the initial sale of the NFTs to the community’s charities. OUT (an LGBTQIA+ charity) will receive all sales proceeds in the first year of launching the NFT series.

Rich Mnisi specifically chose this charity firm. OUT is based in South Africa, providing mental and physical healthcare. Besides being the second-oldest charity in South Africa, out is also one of the charities that serve the LGBTQIA+ community.

Like Coca-Cola, like Givenchy

Givenchy Parfums (a luxury perfume and cosmetic firm) is also towing the steps of Coca-Cola. It is also launching an NFT collection that benefits of Paris-based LGBTQIA+ firm (Le Mag Jeunes).

Popular community advocate and gallery owner, Amar Singh, will partner with rewind collective and Givenchy Parfums for this launch. This collection aims to promote the relationship between disruptive creativity, innovation, and the values of inclusion and respect.

Singh drew inspiration for these NFTs from Givenchy’s Prisme libre loose powder product. Givenchy, Singh, and rewind collective also partnered on another NFT series collection last year.


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