Bitgert Coin Bucks the Trend with Impressive Price Surge Amid Solana and Cardano Dip

Just as the momentum wanes for many top crypto projects like Solana and Cardano, there’s a new kid on the block. The recent bearish patterns affecting Solana and Cardano prices have set the stage for the promising crypto, Bitgert Coin, to announce itself to the cryptos market. 

With an impressive price surge to reward investors with massive gains and the potential to deliver more, Bitgert Coin is the new investors’ favorite set to shake up the crypto market.

Bitgert Coin

Investors have found a promising replacement for Cardano, Solana, and other top crypto projects in Bitgert Coin. With recent surges, cryptocurrency looks set to disrupt the market. 

It is a struggle for tokens like Solana with no supply cap to hold on to value. However, with Bitgert supply caps set at 1000 trillion BRISE, it employs a deflationary mechanism to keep value through scarcity. Unlike Solana, Bitgert burns 12% of the tokens involved in every transaction, removing them permanently from circulation. Hence making BRISE tokens scarce and increasing in value. The latest activity brings the total of tokens burnt to 2 trillion BRISE, emphasizing Bitgert’s commitment to maintaining its tokenomics.

In addition, Bitgert has enjoyed impressive price performances recently, outperforming top cryptos like Solana and Cardano. Like these market analysts, Solana and Cardano’s investors are convinced BRISE is poised to deliver enough to convince Cardano and Solana investors and token holders that it’s a great alternative to Cardano and Solana.


The Cardano ecosystem and Cardano traders have endured a bumpy ride recently following the crypto bearish struggles. Last Wednesday, Cardano’s (ADA) price plummeted to $0.56, representing an almost 30% fall in price from Cardano’s year-to-date height of $0.8104. Analysts suggest that this recent Cardano fall is due to a price correction and Bitcoin’s mass liquidations. These two incidents have forced Bitcoin’s price down to $62,000. 

Also, this has left Cardano holders counting their massive losses, according to on-chain data. Analysts predict Cardano holders will keep shedding their Cardano (ADA) holdings. Should this happen to Cardano, expect the token to see further drops due to the selling frenzy that will come after. 


Solana is currently valued at $169.26, another 9.6% price slip. Also, the latest trading volume figure of $4.7 billion over the last 24 hours at press time reveals another 35.41% drop. These bearish activities signal that Solana isn’t at the top of investors’ engagement lists as before. More so, Solana investors have reduced their liquidity levels. 

With the price slip, the fall of Solana’s total market value, an extended bearish trend might spell more crisis in the Solana ecosystem. Solana’s market cap might be valued at $75.65 billion; still, Solana investors have turned their attention to Bitgert, recognizing its potential to deliver insane gains in the coming months.

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