Bitcoin leads NFT market with slight sales uptick to open the week

Bitcoin led Monday as the top-ranking blockchain in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market over the last 24 hours, with sales reaching US$10.37 million, marking a 4.02% increase.

Bitcoin reclaimed the top position to open the week after conceding the position to Ethereum for the last three business days last week.

Bitcoin’s all-time sales volume now stands at US$2.95 billion and is on pace to become the fourth network to hit US$3 billion this week.

Ethereum, the day’s second-ranking blockchain and the market’s all-time leader, experienced a more dramatic sales increase of 32.96% to US$10.32 million.

Monday’s top two chains are the only networks to have at least US$10 billion in sales.

Solana, ranking third, also saw a notable increase in sales by 26.65%, reaching US$7.53 million.

Mythos Chain was came in fourth with US$1.02

Close behind, Polygon, in the fifth position, experienced a significant boost in sales activity with a 63.06% increase, reaching over US$1.01 million. It is the last chain to achieve at least US$1 million in sales.

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