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Bear Markets are for building. Anyone successful in crypto will tell you that millionaires are made in bear markets, and this time around is no different. Some established projects trading at very discounted prices at the moment and this article will dive into a few of them as well as a hot-off-the-press meme coin – Big Eyes – which looks set to disrupt the current meme coin consensus.

Big Eyes Coin raised over $8.8 million in a Bear Market!

Don’t know what Big Eyes is? Get out from under that rock! Big Eyes Coin has taken the meme coin market by storm these last few months, raising an unbelievable amount of cash at a time of extremely low confidence in the cryptocurrency market.

How has it done this? It has launched into an untapped market – the cat-inspired meme coin market. Big Eyes is looking to radically reshape the current establishment, that is the cartel of Doges that currently dominate the meme coin rankings. Big Eyes looks to bring the fight to the dog in an ultimate showdown of cat vs dog for eternal bragging rights.

Can Big Eyes succeed in this? Its hyper-successful presale thus far would suggest so. Without live NFTs yet, a large future part of the project, Big Eyes has raised a nearly unprecedented amount of cash for a presale meme token and doesn’t look set on slowing down. This cat is driven and won’t take no for an answer, especially not from a dog! Check the button below to get involved now and support this cute feline in this battle of the ages.

Don’t forget about Solana this Bear Market

In the depths of crypto winters, it can be easy to forget about even the most established projects. Solana is on the verge of falling foul of exactly this. Trading volume is steadily declining away from the cryptocurrency market and general price action of late has been extremely minimal.

The Solana market is no different. SOL has been struggling to generate any sort of sincere price movement, ranging between $28 and $46 for nearly half a year. The seemingly second favourite blockchain for developers (behind only Ethereum) to build on has been brutalised by this bear market trading at a 90% discount from its all-time high.

With volatility (and volume) this low, a significant move to either the up or the down any time soon seems very improbable. One of the Co-founders of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, believes that the bear market could go on for another 12 months. If he is talking about altcoins then he could be correct. Typically a bull market is initiated by Bitcoin, however, with the ever-growing adoption of altcoins with real utility, whether this crypto tradition has changed or not remains to be seen.

One thing is for certain, however, accumulating as much SOL as possible in this bear market will likely bring you high returns as and when altcoins start to show bullish signs. Solana has continued to build its servers and technology during this web3 winter. Boasting over 4,000 transactions per second with an average transaction cost of $0.00025, the SOL blockchain can be identified as the king of scalability. It’s no wonder that SOL is so popular with developers and investors alike.

Investing in adoption? Invest in Vechain

When considering real cryptocurrency adoption, Vechain is the standout candidate. A blockchain dedicated to sustainability and supply-side issues, VET is vastly popular at an enterprise level. The Bear market has seen the project make some extremely significant collaborations, notably with UFC and most recently with the Nitto ATP Finals scheduled for November.

These dramatic announcements, however, have not been met with any effect on the price action of the VET token which has left investors disheartened. Vechain had a tremendous bull market run, however, despite its immense ascension in price, investors were still left slightly unfulfilled as it fell into a bear market sooner than other altcoins. Trading in a bearish market now for over 550 days, and currently down 92% from its all-time high, another move to the downside seems unlikely for Vechain. Can the project turn these extremely positive sponsorships into positive price action? We will have to wait to find out.


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