Big Eyes Coin is Predicted to Surpass Ethereum and Cosmos in Value

The new Ethereum-based Big Eyes Coin (BIG) meme coin project aims to amass a large user base and increase in value. Throughout the years, new cryptocurrencies have been introduced through launches, and some of these new tokens have quickly become favorites among traders and holders.

In this article, we will compare and contrast the new project Big Eyes Coin (BIG) with two other popular cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH) and Cosmos (ATOM).

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system with built-in support for smart contracts (programming functionality). The platform’s main cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), can be exchanged for fiat currency. Users on the platform can create their peer-to-peer payment system by exchanging the platform’s native token with one another.

Vitalik Buterin, a programmer connected with Bitcoin Magazine, came up with the idea for Ethereum before the end of 2013, and the cryptocurrency was officially introduced in 2014.

Ethereum can operate as a gateway for users who want to use and store other cryptocurrencies, including its Ether coin because it can host them. As users can store their assets on Ethereum’s blockchain, the cryptocurrency is an excellent choice for individuals looking for an alternative to the conventional banking system.

Cosmos (ATOM)

As a public proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus technique, the Cosmos project is open to everyone interested in blockchain technology. The Cosmos team aims to offer developers a distributed, scalable, and secure environment to create distributed applications (dApps). Even though it was developed on the Ethereum blockchain, Cosmos now functions independently of that network and uses its coin, ATOM.

The Cosmos coin is the backbone of the three-tiered Cosmos ecosystem. Data necessary for execution and governance, such as smart contracts and an oracle system to certify their validity, is stored at the first/core layer.

The second, the organizational layer, ensures that everyone in the network has access to accurate information about the status and regulations of the system. Developers can use the tools provided in the second layer to build on top of Cosmos’ infrastructure and launch new applications and services.

Tools for creating decentralized applications (Dapps) on top of the Cosmos protocol are provided by the third/application layer. Instead of using a specialized language like Solidity or being limited by its parameters like Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM), Dapps on the Cosmos blockchain can do anything a regular smart contract can.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has reached unprecedented levels of acceptance and shows enormous promise as a cryptocurrency. The presale began in early September and is currently in its sixth stage and has already raised over $9 million.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) team is working on releasing Sushi Crew, a networked financial token (NFT) marketplace where users can buy and sell tokens minted by the developers and mine and manage their tokens. The Big Eyes Team has made NFT transactions on the Ethereum blockchain free of charge, which eliminates the exorbitant gas fees connected with it.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cryptocurrency focused on environmental protection, particularly sea life. The project’s developers have set up a wallet with 5% of the total initial token supply, which they intend to regularly contribute to ocean conservation groups.

Also in the pipeline are launches on major DEXs, revealing Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to a much larger audience and bringing the project more visibility.


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