Become A Millionaire By Adding These Cryptocurrencies To Your Portfolio in 2022

The prices of most cryptocurrencies have dipped, and even the best digital assets have lost at least 50% of their total value.

When you look at the crypto crash of 2022, it’s easy to get discouraged from dealing with cryptocurrencies or trading them. Yes, the prices of most cryptocurrencies have dipped, and even the best digital assets have lost at least 50% of their total value. However, it’s important to keep in mind that something like this has happened before, and the market bounced back stronger than ever. 

When you check the bear market history, you’ll find that something similar to this occurred during the 2017 crypto crash. But those who could maintain their confidence and trust in the market earned immense profits. In fact, some of these people are millionaires today. So, what does this mean? The current coin market crash is a minefield of opportunities. By identifying the right digital assets to invest in, your portfolio could explode with massive profits. 

However, the challenging part of this process is identifying the best cryptocurrencies to buy. The cryptocurrency market is filled with several options, especially when looking to buy an altcoin. Each of these alternatives offers something different. Polkadot (DOT), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG) are reliable digital alternatives in the cryptocurrency market that can make you a millionaire after this current bear market. This piece will show you why you should invest in them. 

Top Cryptocurrencies to invest

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that plans to promote a multi-chain framework. This cryptocurrency has gained a lot of positive attention in the crypto space. Many people are also referring to it as one of the most innovative projects that are currently being worked on. This protocol is powered by a native token referred to as DOT

Polkadot is designed to have a flexible and adaptive network model. As a result, decentralized apps and DeFi projects are easy to build on it. DeFi projects built within the Polkadot blockchain will rely on a Substrate modular framework. This framework allowed developers to easily add any features they choose without difficulty. As a result, they will easily be able to handle scalability, and interoperability challenges. Polkadot is an innovative protocol that lets developers create their own blockchain from scratch. 

Considering the increasing popularity of this new cryptocurrency, many investors have begun to develop an interest in the cryptocurrency. There are some that consider it to be the real Ethereum killer. Who knows? Polkadot could come out of this bear market and hit a new ATH. 

Logarithmic Finance (LOG)


Logarithmic Finance is one of the latest swap protocols to be released on the cryptocurrency market. As a result, there’s a lot of potential for the future of this token. This cryptocurrency has gained a widespread reputation from different people and crypto experts because of its excellent infrastructure and roadmap. 

Logarithmic Fiance was designed to provide unique swap solutions that are much needed in the world of web 3.0. This new cryptocurrency is a layer-III protocol. It’s designed with multi-chain capabilities that will link individual blockchains and send transactions between them. As a result, it’s capable of supporting fast, and cheap transactions across blockchains. Due to overwhelming demand in the Defi world for a solution like this, the value of LOG is set to skyrocket after this touch period. 

Logarithmic finance is a protocol that runs on a unique mechanism referred to as homomorphic encryption. This encryption code is one of the most recent and innovative blockchain protocols that you’ll find anywhere in the world. LOG is the native token for this protocol. It’s quite clear that there many reasons why Logarithmic Finance could help you recover from the recent crypto collapse

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