BCH to $1000? Cardano correction risks emerge as NuggetRush concludes presale

  • BCH up 19% this week, aiming for a $700 breakout and potentially $1000.
  • ADA down 2%, analyst suggests a bearish move and potential correction to $0.34-$0.44 range.
  • NuggetRush presale sold out, NUGX airdrop in 19 days, listing price $0.02.

The crypto market appears to be in a holding pattern this week, with Bitcoin trading within the $65,000-$67,000 range ahead of the highly anticipated halving event later this month. 

Amidst this calm, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has managed to gain almost 20%, while the price of Cardano’s ADA, along with most top altcoins, has remained relatively flat. 

Concurrently, the NuggetRush presale for its new meme coin has concluded, with coins set for airdrop distribution in 19 days.

Bitcoin Cash Rally Ignites Bullish Sentiment

According to Coinpedia’s detailed analysis, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is exhibiting a remarkably strong bullish trend. The uptrend is aiming for a breakout at the crucial $700 resistance level, and a successful breach of this level could potentially pave the way for BCH to reach the ambitious $1,000 target.

Coinpedia highlights several key technical factors contributing to the bullish momentum. Firstly, the formation of a bullish flag pattern, characterized by a range breakout and the presence of massive engulfing candles, signifies a sustained upward trajectory. Additionally, BCH has already surpassed the 23.60% and 38.20% Fibonacci levels, with its sights now set on the 50% level at $762.

At the time of writing, BCH is trading at $678, exhibiting an indecisive pattern with a Doji candle formation. However, the uptrend has stretched the upper Bollinger Band, indicating a clear dominance of buyers in the market. If this momentum persists, Coinpedia suggests that after surpassing the $762 level, the next significant resistance level for BCH lies at $920, with the potential to eventually reach the coveted $1,000 mark.

Furthermore, the bullish sentiment surrounding the broader crypto market, coupled with the anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, is expected to provide a tailwind for BCH’s rally. As a cheaper alternative to Bitcoin, BCH could benefit from increased investor interest during this period.

ADA Faces Potential Correction, Analyst Suggests Bearish Outlook

In contrast to the bullish sentiment surrounding BCH, Cardano’s ADA is facing potential correction risks, according to the analysis by AlanSantana, a popular trader on TradingView with over 140,000 followers.

AlanSantana’s analysis draws attention to the five consecutive weekly red candles for ADA, suggesting that a bearish move is in the making. Moreover, the recent break below the $0.58 support level, which had been acting as a critical support zone for five weeks, is a bearish signal that cannot be ignored.

AlanSantana’s study of historical data from other altcoins that have already grown 2-3X beyond their 2023 lows (or 2022 lows for some projects) reveals a common pattern. These altcoins, without exception, experienced corrections that brought their prices down to test the 0.618-0.786 Fibonacci retracement range for the entire move since their respective lows.

Applying this methodology to Cardano’s ADA, AlanSantana suggests that the potential correction range could be between $0.4444 and $0.3450, representing the 0.618-0.786 Fibonacci retracement levels for ADA’s rally since its recent low.

While acknowledging the possibility of ADA continuing to grow or move higher before the anticipated correction, AlanSantana notes that Cardano has been lagging behind other altcoins, making it more likely to continue underperforming in the near term.

Reinforcing the bearish outlook, the weekly chart for ADA is currently producing a break below the EMA 10 (Exponential Moving Average 10), accompanied by a strong bearish candle. Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has turned red, further supporting the bearish narrative.

In light of these technical and historical patterns, AlanSantana advocates maintaining a bearish stance on ADA until market conditions change and support levels are re-established. He recommends exercising caution and closely monitoring the market for any shifts in sentiment or trend reversals.

NuggetRush Meme Coin Presale Concludes, Airdrop Imminent

Moving on to the NuggetRush (NUGX) project, the presale for this new meme token has concluded, with over 270 million NUGX tokens sold at an initial price of $0.01. The listing price for NUGX has been set at $0.02, and the coins are scheduled for airdrop distribution in 19 days. Interested investors can still purchase NUGX tokens on the project’s website in the meantime.

NuggetRush combines popular crypto trends such as memes, play-to-earn (P2E), GameFi, and NFTs. The platform allows players to engage in virtual mining operations, scouring the virtual world for gold, precious metals, and popular NFTs. Players can start small and gradually scale their operations to uncover even more valuable assets.

Additionally, NuggetRush features an NFT marketplace where investors can trade various in-game assets. The project integrates GameFi mechanics and active meme culture, positioning it among promising crypto projects offering an immersive gaming experience with tangible income opportunities. Players can collaborate in guilds to earn shared rewards, and the project is linked with physical gold merchants for the delivery of RUSHGEM rewards.

NUGX serves as the governance token of the NuggetRush platform, enabling community participation in decision-making and fostering engagement. The project has undergone an audit by SolidProof to promote transparency, and plans are in place to transfer ownership of contracts to the community, further strengthening confidence in the project’s management and operations.


To sum it up, BCH’s bullish momentum and technical indicators potentially suggest further upside potential, with the $1,000 mark being a potential target if the $700 resistance level is breached. However, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

In the case of ADA, AlanSantana’s analysis raises concerns about a potential bearish move, with the possibility of testing the 0.618-0.786 Fibonacci retracement range. Investors may want to consider adopting a cautious approach until market conditions stabilize and support levels are re-established.

Lastly, the NuggetRush project has generated interest with its innovative approach to combining memes, gaming, and income opportunities. While the presale has concluded, investors can still acquire NUGX tokens on the project’s website ahead of the airdrop distribution. As with any investment, it is crucial to conduct due diligence and assess the risks associated with emerging projects.

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