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Bankless Onchain

  1. 🎧 Mintable Bankless podcasts. Today, the team announced plans to bring nearly all +800 Bankless episodes onchain as NFTs via 60-day Zora free mints. The first drop featuring Rep. Patrick McHenry is live now.
  2. The Milady surge. With more buy pressure than most ETH NFTs right now, the Milady Maker collection just rose to a new all-time high floor price of 5.74 ETH.
  3. 🌈 More Rainbow points. On the heels of launching its long-awaited Onchain Browser, the popular wallet team just announced a 5x Rainbow points boost for all transactions made through its app browser this week.


ETH NFTs in the Banana Zone

Last month, Real Vision cofounder and CEO Raoul Pal said crypto seemed to be on the verge of the banana zone, where majors and altcoins rally hard as new all-time highs (ATHs) are reached. 

That prospect of the, ahem, banana zone came further into focus this week as the ETH price surged to +$3,700 on the news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seems prepared to approve its first ETH ETFs. 

Will this bullish momentum spill over into ETH NFTs?


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Today, the onchain gaming specialists at Curio introduced Duper, a new onchain real-money social war game that’s now live in Alpha on Arbitrum.

Imagine the wagering mechanics of Poker but wrapped up in a multiplayer battler experience with infinite replayability and emergent dynamics. The gist? Engage in alliances, bluffing, and beyond while competing for crypto rewards!

If you’d like to dive in, go to and use the code “launch” to access the website, then learn the basics in the Playground or in the community Discord. Free-to-play games start tomorrow, and the first ranked games open this Friday at 6PM PDT.

Imagine a Google Workspace experience for managing files personally or collaboratively, but on decentralized crypto rails.

If that approach sounds interesting, you should check out Fileverse.

This up-and-coming app offers privacy-first file sharing with Fileverse Solo, allowing you to share files with or without a wallet in a decentralized and encrypted fashion.

On the other hand, with Fileverse Portal, you get a privacy-friendly onchain alternative to a web2 service like Notion. It offers decentralized storage, customizable access tokens, token gating, multimedia sharing, and live collaboration on IPFS/Arweave.

Note that the project is still in invite-only beta, but it periodically opens signups, e.g. like today, so hop in when you get a chance. It’s the latest demonstration that crypto can be much more than just money games.

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