Announcing The VeChain Anthem Contest Finalists, Honourable Mentions & Videographer Awards | by VeChain Foundation | Jan, 2023

After much deliberation, an extended decision deadline and an additional set of prizes added to the prize pool, we’re excited to present our 10 VeChain Anthem finalists, with the final results to be decided by you, the community.

In addition to our finalists, we listed our honourable mentions and winner of the ‘Best Video Production Award’ prize. All nominees will take home a VeUSD stablecoin prize.

For more information on the VeChain Anthem contest, please see our original announcement.

As a reminder of what’s up for grabs, the VeUSD prize tiers are as follows:

  • 1 x Diamond: $20,000

In addition, we challenged entrants to produce the best video possible, with the winner of this category winning $5000 and the opportunity to work with the Foundation on future video marketing content.

So, without further ado, let us proceed to the results!

VeChain Anthem Contest Finalists

The following ten entries were chosen by the VeChain Foundation to be finalists. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who took part — we had so much fun reviewing your awesome entries! The VeFam is incredibly talented.

The finalists, in no particular order, are as follows:

1) VeChain Soldiers’ by Airworthy & DJ Burnz

2) ‘Illumination’ by WaZa

3) ‘VeChain Anthem ‘by Rick Douma & Danique Bras

4) ‘VeChain Revolution’ by Aelios

5) ‘VeChain Warriors’ by Adam Barakhat

6) ‘Validation Stays Key’ by Prince Neeta

7) ‘Stacking VET’ by Illuminaticongo

8) ‘Verify’ by Mindy Song

9) ‘VeChain Anthem Rap’ by SongGuy

10) ‘Changing the Game’ by Febsu

To vote for your favourite submissions, eligible stakeholders with voting authority (Economic Nodes, X-nodes and Authority Nodes) can head over to the VeVote platform and cast three votes for your three favourite entries!

On Monday the 6th of February 2023 at 17:00 UTC+0, the vote will end and the winning order will be finalised and winners announced. Good luck, one and all!

Honourable Mentions

With so much talent, we needed to add a few more prizes to the total. The team nominated the following submissions for a special category 500 $VeUSD prize:

Best Video Production Award:

Last but not least, our ‘Best Video Production Award’ and winner of future media opportunities with the VeChain Foundation goes to:

Great job on your well-shot video!

Talented VeFam Galore

Picking a top ten was an incredibly difficult decision — we were truly blown away by the raw talent of the VeChain community. We thank you all, once again, for your many fantastic submissions.

It is time to head on over to VeVote and pick your favourite finalists! Good luck, one and all!

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