A Decade of CoinGecko: Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

A Message from Our Founders

CoinGecko is 10 years old! Wow, what a surreal thing to say, but here we are. Ten years ago, when we started CoinGecko, the crypto industry was still in its infancy. DeFi, NFT, DAO, and Ethereum were still not a thing; their concepts were only described in whitepapers. The crypto industry has developed significantly since then, and what a ride it has been seeing all the growth that has taken place! 

We started CoinGecko as a site to provide a “360 Degree Overview of Cryptocurrencies” to enable users to look beyond price, trading volume, and market capitalization. We launched on 8 April 2014 with a simple announcement on Bitcointalk:

The first ever post of CoinGecko on Bitcointalk

Looking back on the last 10 years, CoinGecko has weathered and prospered through two Bitcoin halvings, Bitcoin block size wars, Ethereum’s DAO hack, ICO boom and bust, the emergence of DeFi, NFTs and Solana, and the frauds of 2021 (Terra/Luna, 3AC, FTX). 

When we started, the total crypto market cap was only $7B; by the end of Q1 2024 it now stands at $2.8T. We launched CoinGecko with only 20 cryptocurrencies; now we track 13,000+ coins across 1,000+ exchanges. On GeckoTerminal, we track 2.4 million tokens on 1,000+ DEXes across 140 blockchain networks. The crypto market has grown so much, and we anticipate this growth to be even stronger in the coming years as blockchain technology expands its role in our daily lives.

As CoinGecko grew, so did our team. Initially a part-time passion project with a few part-time freelance contractors, we now have ~70 colleagues across Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

CoinGecko Team 2024

The full CoinGecko team at our company’s offsite last year

New verticals in crypto have allowed us to introduce new features and offerings to meet the needs of the crypto industry, such as our Enterprise API, GeckoTerminal, NFT Floor Price Tracker, Exchange Trust Score and the “How To” series of crypto books. Not every feature was successful or stood the test of time, but we continue to learn and evolve our offerings to help users keep pace with all facets of the industry.

We recognize our growth is a blessing, but also comes with a heavy responsibility to continue delivering accurate data and information for the crypto market. As we move forward to the next decade of CoinGecko, we remain laser-focused on our vision to empower the decentralized future by continuing to be the guide and ally for all users navigating this industry.

In closing, we want to thank our family, friends, current and former colleagues, projects, exchanges, partners, clients, and most importantly, our users, who have been a part of our journey for the past 10 years. Thank you all for continuing to utilize our platform and providing valuable feedback so that we continue to grow. It’s been a good run thus far, and as our industry continues to grow and innovate, we couldn’t be more excited for what is to come.

TM & Bobby

TM Lee and Bobby Ong, Founders of CoinGecko

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