10 of the Best Cryptos to Invest in for 2023

The current bear market can be a bleak time for traders, as limited volatility means a reduced potential for short-term returns. However, for long-term crypto investors, this is the best time to buy. Low prices mean vast upside potential over longer timeframes, but the question is, which are the best cryptos to buy now?

To find out, here is a list of the top 10 best cryptos to invest in now before the inevitable trend reversal in the cryptocurrency market:

Metacade is the best crypto to buy now. It will become the biggest ecosystem of play-to-earn arcade games on the blockchain, delivering vast earning potential for gamers across many different online games and changing the crypto space. As well as this, Metacade aims to be a central location for Web3 users to socialize, share information, and collectively drive progress for the GameFi movement.

Metacade’s social hub will pay contributors using MCADE tokens. Content creators can earn cryptocurrency by posting game reviews, sharing alpha, and interacting with other members of the Metacade crypto community, as Metacade’s Create2Earn mechanic is specially designed to incentivize knowledge-sharing and community involvement.

The platform will also advertise jobs for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts looking to start their careers in Web3. Jobs can include gig work, freelance roles, and full-time positions from 2024 onward, as well as unique beta-testing roles that reward gamers for providing feedback to development teams before new games are launched.

Metacade is community-driven and enables developers of games to get a kick start of financial support during their early stages. Developers will submit investment proposals to the community, who will vote to decide which new games should be funded. The winning projects will be brought into the Metacade when they are completed for the community to play.

MCADE will be used for several core functions within the Metacade ecosystem. It will be used to gain access to paid entry tournaments, where gamers can test their skills against players from all over the world. It will also be used to pay cryptocurrency rewards in Metacade’s primary features: Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, Create2Earn, and Work2Earn. While it’s still in its presale stage investors have had a chance to win real world rewards such as mini arcade machines.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is the second-best crypto to buy now, with its native cryptocurrency token ether. It is the biggest ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) in Web3 and the first blockchain that could support the development of smart contracts. Ethereum makes it possible for anyone in the world to create and execute smart contracts through self-enforcing code, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as lawyers or brokers. It is very popular among crypto enthusiasts, due to the smart contracts and real world value.

The network uses ETH as its native token. ETH is used to support blockchain infrastructure, as it is the financial reward that validators receive when they mine new blocks and process transactions. ETH can also be used as a store of value or as an investment in the future of dApps due to it being the primary medium of exchange for 2000 independent blockchain projects.

Since it was launched in 2015, Ethereum has grown to become the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. This is a testament to its unique solution, being the first Turing complete blockchain, the first network to support decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and the first network to facilitate open-access dApps on the blockchain.

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is the third-best cryptocurrency to invest in now. It is a play-to-earn blockchain game that prioritizes user-generated content (UGC) at the foundation of gameplay. Users can create unique gaming experiences using The Sandbox’s integrated toolkit and monetize their creations by selling them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

SAND, the native currency for the ecosystem, facilitates peer-to-peer trades on the platform’s integrated marketplace. Players can purchase land, build 3D experiences in the virtual world, and earn cryptocurrency rewards. The Sandbox enables game developers to build games and create gaming assets that can be sold to other players, making the game development process much more accessible.

ChainLink (LINK) is the fourth best cryptocurrency to invest in now, with a market cap of 3.2 billion. It is a decentralized technology built on Ethereum that aims to bridge the gap between smart contracts and traditional systems. ChainLink aims to create secure, decentralized data feeds and APIs, allowing for numerous applications of secure data to be used in smart contract transactions from off-chain sources.

ChainLink works by securely and verifiably connecting the data from existing off-chain systems to Ethereum’s Smart Contract Network through Oracle nodes. This connection allows for the sophisticated execution of payments, compliance validations, investigations, insurance, derivatives, and many more financial activities that have never been possible before.

5. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is a layer-1 blockchain network that uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol. It is the fifth best crypto to buy now because it is a next-generation blockchain network that can support the expansion of cryptocurrency across the globe.

Due to its unique characteristics, Algorand is a highly scalable blockchain network. It can support dApps, process a high number of transactions per second, and charges minimal transaction fees when sending payments across the network.

As well as this, Algorand is one of the few layer-1 blockchains to solve the blockchain trilemma. This means that ALGO is secure, scalable, and decentralized without sacrificing any one of the three core pillars of distributed ledger technology.

VeChain (native token VET) is the sixth-best crypto to buy now. It is an enterprise-level public blockchain designed to improve the management of business processes. VeChain is dedicated to addressing challenges within supply chain management, specifically through tracking products from their point of origin to their destination.

VeChain offers its users advanced monitoring, data collection, and analysis capabilities to improve the level of transparency throughout supply chains. VeChain creates an additional layer of trust for businesses, consumers, and governments alike by providing enhanced product traceability solutions.

The network’s comprehensive suite of blockchain services ensures that companies can safely conduct transactions and track information with improved accuracy, convenience, and cost savings over traditional methods, which makes it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

7. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity (AXS) is an Ethereum-based collectible game that uses blockchain technology to provide financial crypto rewards and self-owned digital assets for its players. It is an immersive virtual world that allows players to assemble, battle, and personalize their team of Axies, as well as explore virtual worlds, complete various quests and earn rewards.

Axie Infinity also allows users to trade Axies with other gamers, creating a digital collectible marketplace where users can further monetize their in-game achievements. There are currently over 40,000 Axies spread across two modes of gameplay – Arena Battles and PvE Adventure Mode – giving millions of users the chance to immerse themselves in what Axie Infinity has to offer.

8. Aptos (APT)

Aptos is the eighth-best crypto token to buy now, and one of the new cryptocurrency projects. It is a new layer-1 blockchain that was launched in November 2022 and has already become a top 100 cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Aptos uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to deliver a scalable blockchain solution. It aims to support the expansion of decentralized technology through its global adoption phase, allowing developers to build blockchain-based applications that can serve many millions of users simultaneously.

Over time, APT is expected to grow substantially. Like Metacade, it is a brand-new token with high potential for the future, which makes it one of the best cryptos to add to your crypto portfolio now for future gains.

9. ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is the ninth-best crypto to buy now. The ApeCoin ecosystem aims to support the expansion of decentralized communities into the metaverse, as it funds and runs several notable projects that can help progress virtual reality technologies and play-to-earn gaming experiences.

One of the major projects in the APE ecosystem is Otherside. Otherside is a play-to-earn virtual reality game that places users in a vast open world. Users can explore the world, complete missions, and earn cryptocurrency rewards, as well as socialize with other gamers directly in virtual reality.

The ApeCoin ecosystem is run by the ApeCoin DAO. The DAO is a democratic organization that votes on governance proposals, which are then enacted by the APE Foundation. The treasury is deployed to support promising projects within Web3, as the core ethos of the group is to drive progress for decentralized online communities.

10. Solana (SOL)

Solana is the tenth-best crypto to buy now. It is a layer-1 blockchain that uses a combination of consensus mechanisms to deliver next-generation performance levels for distributed ledger technology. The consensus mechanisms used are proof-of-stake and proof-of-history, which together enable block finality in milliseconds.

Solana can also support the development of dApps, but smart contracts on SOL use a different programming language compared to Ethereum Virtual Machine. Solana uses Rust instead of Solidity, which enables more complex applications to be deployed on the blockchain.

Over time, SOL could become a top 10 cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as it aims to support millions of users across its network of dApps. SOL users benefit from rapid transaction speeds and near-0 fees, alongside broad application utility due to Rust’s in-depth programming capabilities.

The MCADE token is one of the newest cryptocurrencies in Web3, and it represents a blockchain project that has extremely high potential. For now, MCADE is still in its presale, which gives investors a rare opportunity to get involved in a top crypto project in its earliest stage of investment.

The upside potential for MCADE is major, which makes it the best crypto to buy now. Metacade is selling out fast during the presale, and it is first come, first served. MCADE will rise in price with each presale stage until it hits the $0.02 mark, meaning investors have a limited time only to get the best crypto to buy now at the best possible price. You won’t find Metacade on any centralized exchanges or even on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange; you’ll need to buy it directly within their series of crypto presales. Participation in the presale launch can be had using both ETH or the using fiat currencies through USDT.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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