10 Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023

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In simple terms, a penny cryptocurrency is a digital token that trades for less than $1. Some investors are attracted to penny cryptocurrencies not only for their entry low price but also for the growth potential on offer.

In this guide, we reveal the 10 best penny crypto to buy today. We have included some top upcoming crypto projects that are selling their native digital tokens for less than $1 via discounted presale campaigns.

The 10 Best Penny Cryptocurrencies to Buy Today

These are the top 10 penny cryptocurrency to buy in 2023.

  1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Penny Crypto to Buy Now

  2. Fight Out – Web3 Integrated Fitness App With Crypto Rewards

  3. C+Charge – EV Charging App Accepting Crypto Payments

  4. Robotera – Immersive Metaverse Game With Robot Avatars and Virtual Land

  5. Calvaria – Penny Cryptocurrency Powering a New NFT Card Game

  6. Lucky Block – Innovative Blockchain Casino Backed by a Penny Cryptocurrency

  7. Basic Attention Token – Cryptocurrency Aiming to Revolutionize the Digital Advertising Industry

  8. Dogecoin – Popular Meme Coin Used for Online Payments

  9. Tron – Crypto Project Aiming to Decentralize the Web

  10. Fetch.ai – Open-Source Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem Run Using Autonomous Agents

Analyzing the Best Crypto Under a Penny to Invest in

Finding the best penny crypto to invest in is not an easy task – especially when considering that there are thousands of digital tokens that are trading below $1.

Read on to find out more about the best penny cryptocurrencies that have the potential to explode.

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Overall Best Penny Crypto to Buy Now

MEMAG is an ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency of Meta Masters Guild – an upcoming web3 gaming ecosystem. This crypto project is building a platform that will feature a wide range of games designed primarily for smartphone users.

Furthermore, to incentivize its users, Meta Masters Guild also capitalizes on the play-to-earn mechanism. Meaning, investors will be able to collect crypto rewards by playing the games available on Meta Masters Guild. On top of this, players will also be able to own their in-game assets.

According to the project’s whitepaper, players will be rewarded with digital tokens called ‘GEMs’. However, these tokens can be converted to MEMAG in order to carry out any transactions within this gaming ecosystem. MEMAG tokens can also be used to pay for in-game NFTs and can be staked to earn passive income.

Meta Masters Guild has already started selling MEMAG tokens via a seven-round presale. The presale commenced in January 2023 and has successfully completed the first three stages. As of writing, MEMAG is in the fourth phase of its presale and has raised over $2 million. At this stage, investors can buy MEMAG tokens for just $0.016.

Once the presale ends, Meta Masters Guild plans to roll out three exciting mobile-based crypto games. The first is titled ‘Meta Kart Racers,’ a PvP racing game that the platform is developing in collaboration with Gamearound. The second is the ‘NFT Raid’ – a fantasy fighting game.

The third is a metaverse, Meta Masters World, that will allow players to explore a new gaming universe. To get started with any of these games, players will need to purchase Meta Masters Guild NFTs using MEMAG tokens.

With its mobile-focused gaming platform, MEMAG is already cementing its popularity in the M2E world and has positioned itself as one of the best penny cryptocurrencies with potential to explode in 2023.

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2. Fight Out – Web3 Integrated Fitness App With Crypto Rewards

Fight Out is a new crypto project that aims to innovate the fitness app industry. The project has created a move-to-earn app, complete with personalized workout plans and on-demand training sessions. This app will also allow its users to monitor their fitness journey and keep track of their progress.

Fight Out rewards users with REPS tokens for completing fitness activities using the app. But, the main in-app currency of the Fight Out ecosystem is a new token named FGHT.

Instead of following a monthly or yearly payment plan, Fight Out has devised a staking-based subscription system. This means that investors need to stake their FGHT tokens in order to gain access to the Fight Out app.

The Fight Out presale offers an opportunity for investors to buy FGHT tokens at a hugely discounted price. As of writing, FGHT tokens are available for much less than $1 – at just $0.018 per coin. The price of the token will gradually increase as the presale progresses.

With FGHT tokens, investors can not only subscribe to the Fight Out app, but they will also be able to get access to the brand’s gyms and work spaces – which are just some of the future roadmap targets of this project.

Furthermore, the Fight Out app will also incorporate web3 elements. This means that users will be able to explore the Fight Out metaverse with their own avatar that accurately represents their own physical attributes.

Users will also be able to enter competitions within the Fight Out metaverse and gain rewards for their achievements.

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3. C+Charge – EV Charging App Accepting Crypto Payments

C+Charge has set out to revolutionize the EV charging payments industry with the use of blockchain technology. To achieve its mission, the project has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that is powered by its native token, CCHG. The project has also designed an intuitive app that will allow investors to pay for EV charges via CCHG tokens.

Importantly, C+Charge will also reward its users with carbon credit tokens in return for using its app. The app also integrates a number of useful features for EV drivers. For instance, the app has a geolocation feature that EV owners can use to find their nearest charging station.

Additionally, the app will also display real-time pricing and allow users to track their carbon credit balances. C+Charge is still in its development stage; nevertheless, it has already entered into strategic partnerships with leading companies in the EV sector, such as Flowcarbon, Phihong, and more.

The project is also selling CCHG tokens via presale, and investors can buy this cryptocurrency for just $0.013 as of writing. Considering the real-life utility of C+Charge, the CCHG token is widely touted as the best penny crypto to buy this year.

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4. RobotEra – Immersive Metaverse Game With Robot Avatars

RobotEra is designing a metaverse gaming platform that integrates NFTs and P2E mechanics. With RobotEra, investors will be able to own virtual pieces of land and create their own gaming experiences. Moreover, all in-game assets in the RobotEra metaverse will be available as unique NFTs on the blockchain.

RobotEra launched its native token, TARO, in November 2022. Investors can access this token via RobotEra’s presale website at the price of $0.02 per coin. The presale is still in stage one; however, RobotEra has already successfully sold close to 40 million TARO tokens.

RobotEra’s metaverse game offers players complete autonomy over what they wish to do with their virtual land. They can acquire resources from the metaverse, build structures or services, and monetize them. Furthermore, RobotEra also comes with many other unique features, such as robot companions and a shared metaverse.

TARO tokens will function as the main transactional currency of the RobotEra ecosystem. When taking into account the growing demand for virtual land NFTs, many market analysts deem TARO as one of the most promising penny cryptocurrencies of 2023.

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5. Calvaria – Penny Cryptocurrency Powering a New NFT Card Game

Calvaria is another emerging crypto project built around the play-to-earn concept. It is a game of strategy that is played using cards – which are designed as NFTs. Players will compete against each other by collecting the most capable cards in terms of traits, as well as dealing them strategically.

Upon winning games, Calvaria rewards its players with RIA tokens. Perhaps, the biggest attraction of Calvaria is that it allows its players to own their NFT cards and other in-game assets. The value of these NFT cards varies depending on their unique traits and attributes.

Those interested in Calvaria can also try out the game for free. However, to start monetizing their time on Calvaria, players will need to purchase RIA tokens and start collecting NFT cards. This will also enable players to enter battles.

Calvaria has just finished the presale of its RIA tokens. The presale was hugely successful, raising over $3 million. By February 2023, Calvaria plans to list its RIA token on leading crypto exchanges, such as BKEX.

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6. Lucky Block – Innovative Blockchain Casino Backed by a Penny Cryptocurrency

Next on up this list of the best crypto under $1 to buy right now is LBLOCK. This is the native penny cryptocurrency of the Lucky Block ecosystem – which specializes in blockchain gaming services.

The much-anticipated launch of the Lucky Block casino in late 2022 has not disappointed, with waves of new player accounts being opened each and every day. One of the main attractions is that, unlike traditional casinos, Lucky Block does not ask players for any personal information when signing up.

Instead, players can join with nothing more than an email address – which ensures complete anonymity. Not only that, but Lucky Block stands out in the payments department, with withdrawals being approved instantly – with no limits in place like many of its competitors.

In addition to a sports betting facility, Lucky Block offers thousands of classic games, including but not limited to blackjack, dice, video poker, slots, roulette, and live dealers. The LBLOCK token offers unparalleled exposure to the growth of Lucky Block and thus – is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies for 2023.

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7. Basic Attention Token – Cryptocurrency Aiming to Revolutionize the Digital Advertising industry

Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is a digital token that is used to pay for services and rewards on the Brave browser. For those unaware, Brave is an open-source browser that blocks ads and trackers, increasing privacy and security for users. According to Brave, the browser passed the milestone of 50 million monthly active users in 2022.

Furthermore, Brave uses an attention-based model, and it rewards users for their engagement with BAT tokens. This way, Brave offers personalized digital advertisements to consumers who are actually interested in the product. And crucially, the browser doesn’t gather the user’s data to offer targeted advertisements.

With this approach, Brave has created a win-win situation for both users and marketers. This places BAT as the best penny crypto for those who prefer anonymous browsing and want to support the Brave ecosystem. As of writing, BAT tokens are trading for around $0.30.

8. Dogecoin – Popular Meme Coin Used for Online Payments

Dogecoin is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that has gained huge popularity in the market over the prior couple of years. As of writing, Dogecoin is priced at around $0.08 and thus has a low barrier to entry.

Interestingly, although Dogecoin was initially marketed as a meme cryptocurrency, it has gained mainstream acceptance as a form of payment. This digital token has low fees, and fast processing times, which makes it a great cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions.

Today, Dogecoin is accepted as a payment option by online merchants, crypto casinos, and other platforms. Dogecoin has also received endorsements from celebrities, such as Elon Musk. This wide-scale acceptance is a factor that could potentially increase the value of Dogecoin in the long run.

9. Tron – Crypto Project Facilitating Decentralized Content Distribution

Tron is an up-and-coming blockchain-based platform that aims to transform the entertainment industry. It seeks to create a global free content entertainment system, through blockchain and distributed storage technology.

With Tron, content creators will not have to go through intermediaries to get paid, but they will be able to reach their audience directly and take payment in crypto. Additionally, Tron’s blockchain is seen as a secure, reliable, and efficient way to store data, which makes it attractive to businesses.

TRX is the native digital token of the Tron platform and is used to pay for transactions, smart contracts, and dApps on this network. Moreover, TRX is trading at around $0.06 – which makes it a top penny cryptocurrency for 2023, especially for those with a tight budget.

10. Fetch.ai – Open-Source Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem Run Using Autonomous Agents

Fetch.ai is a blockchain platform that aims to create a decentralized digital economy through the use of autonomous agents. These agents are digital entities that can perform tasks and make decisions on their own. By combining smart contracts and autonomous agents to build peer-to-peer apps, Fetch.ai removes the reliance on intermediaries, thereby reducing costs.

Fetch.ai is being used in a number of practical applications, such as energy trading and logistics. Moreover, the platform has also established partnerships with a number of well-known companies and organizations, such as BMW and Cambridge University.

These initiatives demonstrate that Fetch.ai has the potential for attaining real-world adoption. Fetch.ai takes payments for its services using FET tokens. Investors can also stake FET tokens to earn passive income. FET tokens can be purchased from leading crypto providers, such as eToro, for around $0.30 as of writing.

What is Penny Crypto?

Penny cryptocurrencies are digital assets that have a very low value – typically less than $1. Due to their extremely low prices, penny cryptocurrencies also offer the potential for high returns.

However, penny cryptocurrencies also have the reputation of being notoriously volatile, and therefore, they are considered to be high-risk investments.

Therefore, it is important for investors to research and evaluate penny cryptocurrencies before purchasing them.

Should You Invest in Penny Crypto?

All investments, including cryptocurrencies, carry a certain level of risk. However, investors can mitigate this risk by conducting sufficient research and understanding the fundamentals of their preferred digital tokens.

In the section below, we discuss a variety of points that will help investors decide if penny cryptocurrencies are the right assets for their portfolio.

High Growth Potential

Even though penny cryptocurrencies are considered to be risky, history has shown that some of these digital assets have the potential to turn out to be worthwhile investments.

As we discussed above, BAT is a prime example of a penny cryptocurrency that has since become a major player in the market.

Similarly, some of the best emerging cryptocurrencies, such as MEMAG (Meta Masters Guild), and FHGT (Fight Out), also have high growth prospects when considering their unique propositions.

Low Entry Barrier

Since penny cryptocurrencies are priced low, it can be easier for investors with limited funds to purchase them during the current crypto winter.

For instance, all of the cryptocurrencies we discussed today cost less than $1.

This means that with just $100, investors can diversify their portfolio with multiple penny cryptocurrencies – thus mitigating the overall risk.


Some of the best penny cryptocurrencies in the market are associated with new and innovative ideas, which can be exciting for investors to be a part of.

For instance, Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, and C+Charge are projects with cutting-edge products that offer real-life use cases.

As such, many analysts argue that these are some of the best crypto under a penny that will explode in the upcoming years.


To summarize, our guide has discussed the advantages and risks of investing in penny cryptocurrencies. We have also revealed the top cryptocurrencies that are trading at less than $1 in the market right now.

Looking to buy crypto under a penny now? From our research, MEMAG is perhaps the best penny crypto to buy in 2023. MEMAG is the native token of Meta Masters Guild, the world’s first mobile-focused web3 gaming ecosystem.

As of writing, MEMAG tokens are priced at just $0.016. The MEMAG presale presents an opportunity for investors to buy this token at a discounted price before it begins trading on crypto exchanges.

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FAQsWhat is the best crypto under a penny?

MEMAG is widely considered the best penny crypto to buy right now. It is the native digital token of Meta Masters Guild, the world’s first mobile gaming ecosystem. MEMAG tokens can be used to carry out transactions within Meta Masters Guild and also be staked to earn passive income.

Which penny crypto will explode in 2023?

Our market research suggests that MEMAG is the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2023. The token powers the upcoming Meta Masters Guild gaming ecosystem, specializing in high-quality and engaging titles. The platform is also the first in offering mobile-optimized web3 games with NFT-based assets.

Which are the best crypto penny stocks to buy now?

Cryptocurrency penny stocks are shares that typically trade for less than $5. However, there are not many crypto-related companies that can be categorized as penny stocks at the moment. Nevertheless, some of the cheapest crypto stocks to consider right now include Stronghold Digital Mining, Silvergate Capital, and Riot Platforms.

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