Ylide Joins Polygon to Release the Latest Social and Messaging App to Serve Polygon Consumers

Ylide is starting a strategic collaboration with Polygon. The platform is enabling consumers to administer their decentralized chats as well as social networks. Ylide is known as a decentralized protocol specified for enabling wallet-to-wallet interaction. This permits the customers to carry out chat securely without requiring any centralized party.

Ylide Collaborates with Polygon to Introduce a Decentralized Social and Messaging App

By taking benefit from the Polygon blockchain’s scalability, will permit the clients to process messages with NFTs and tokens included. With this, a lot of exclusive opportunities lie ahead related to decentralized communication. Ylide Social Hub counts as the eventual destination for utilizing the crypto-related content as well as straightly chatting with dApps and peers.

The news aggregation-related feed of the application collects information from Web3 and Web2 sources. These sources include Mirror, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. This keeps the customers informed regarding their preferred Web3 programs. As a result, they remain one step ahead of the trends in the market. The respective feed will additionally become smart as well as personalized in the coming time.

This will be based on the analytics of the wallets utilized by the consumers without harming their privacy. Apart from the social feed, Ylide Social Hub comprises an on-chain mailbox. This facility lets consumers obtain interactions from their favourite projects. They can also perform chat with their friends in the crypto community with the use of blockchain technology. Web3 projects will additionally be capable of rewarding the attention of their customers with tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This will further improve the user experience.

Sandeep Naiwal (Polygon’s co-founder) also remarked on this move. He mentioned that the Ylide technology-based wallet-to-wallet on-chain messaging facility on Polygon plays a significant role in expanding decentralization. As per him, this will put the control of chatting and social networks in the hands of users in a decentralized environment.

A Virtual-World Project OrbCity Rises by 100% Following Migrating to Polygon

OrbCity (ORB), a crypto project related to the virtual world, is out-competing the markets of digital assets after migrating to Polygon. It is a decentralized virtual space enabling customers to control their cities with the use of several NFTs and tokens. Recently, a San Francisco-based OrbCity neighborhood was sold for nearly 15 ETH (approximately $24,000). The project escalated to 100% in its value just in the recent 7 days.

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