Will Dent Coin Reach $1?

Dent Price Prediction 2023 is $0.002

Dent Price Prediction 2025 is $0.0031

Dent Price Prediction 2030 is $0.17

DENT Latest Price

Recent Price Performance

  • 1 Month: +31.4%, Parity*
  • 3 Months: +3.5%, Outperformer
  • 1 Year: -64.9%, Underperformer

*Vs Ethereum

Technical Analysis: Weekly

  • RSI: Neutral
  • STOCH RSI: Overbought
  • Moving Averages: Neutral
  • Overall: Neutral

Is Dent A Good Investment?

Dent Wireless creates a marketplace where any user can sell and buy mobile data using DENT coins. Also, its aim is to decentralize mobile data (which is pretty unique in itself).

The following are the key features of the Dent platform:

  • It unites a Dent community of users to allow them to sell, buy and donate mobile data across the world.
  • The Dent platform makes it easy to trade mobile data, just like any other essential commodity.
  • The Dent platform aims to make the DENT token a worldwide currency for mobile data trading.

Here is how the Dent platform makes itself transparent:

  • Local-level data pricing via transparent Dent marketplace and no complex roaming agreements.
  • Easy communication with customers through the Dent mobile app.

The following are DENT’s price movements for the last year:

  • DENT’s price has decreased by 64.2% in one year.
  • For the last three months, its price has inclined by 1.08 times.
  • Dent coin’s price has increased by 1.3 times in the last month.

Thus, we can see that Dent’s price is improving since the last month (precisely after the release of the latest CPI data), which further leaves good scope for its growth in the future because Dent coin is still far below its all-time high price.

Also, as telecom companies are looking for newer ways to advance in the sector, the use of blockchain technology in the telecom sector is also increasing. As per the report, the use of blockchain in the telecom market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 80.28% by the end of 2028. With the use of decentralized networks in the telecom space, users can create their own social networks.

Moreover, with the use of decentralized networks, even the smallest telecom operator can gain access to the global market and thus, it can help many people out there. It can also help to increase the revenues of the companies because it removes the need for intermediaries. Hence, with the use of blockchain technology in the telecom sector, everyone gets a fair chance to expand their business across the globe and the technology can also reach every remote location of the world.

Furthermore, the market is not clustered with similar blockchain platforms that allow users to trade mobile data seamlessly. Thus, Dent Network can grow in the market by further expanding its use cases to the real world.

Dent Price Prediction

Before predicting whether DENT Coin is expected to go up or down in the coming future, let us first overview its price history for the past few months. Its performance in the past months can help us gain the required context for the future. Let’s discuss:

Image: Dent’s one-year graph

Above is its graph for 1 year and as we can see that the market price of the DENT Coin one year ago was $0.0026. Hence, there is a decline of more than 64.2% in its price in one year. Also, there were numerous ups and downs stating that the hike wasn’t really continuous. It reached the highest and lowest price levels of $0.0036 and $0.0006 respectively during this duration.

DENT’s price has increased by more than 1.08 times in three months (though the increase was not consistent), keeping in mind that its price 3 months ago was $0.00086. However, its price reached the lowest price point of $0.00058 during this period (as depicted below).

image 664

Image: Dent’s 3-month graph

The all-time high value of DENT Coin is $0.08 which it achieved in January 2018. Also, its market price a month ago was $0.00071. It means that it has increased by more than 1.3 times since then.

Also, DENT Coin is 98.8% down from its all-time high price, leaving a huge scope for growth in the future.

Dent Price Prediction: Will Dent Coin Reach $1?

DENT Coin needs to grow by around 1,075 times from its current market price, to reach a price level of $1.

Furthermore, Dent reached its all-time high price of $0.08 soon after its launch (in January 2018). Also, DENT grew by 80 times in just two months (from its lowest value of $0.001 in November 2017). Thus, it grew by 40 times in one month.

Therefore, the Dent coin can reach $1 in the next 26.8 months. However, it will certainly take more time because of the difference in economic conditions of current times, when compared to that of 2018’s.

Dent Price Prediction: Will Dent Coin Reach $10?

DENT Coin requires to grow by 10,752 times from its current value, to reach $10.

Also, as it grew by 40 times in one month to reach its all-time high price in January 2018, DENT will need a minimum of 268 months (around 22 years) to reach a price level of $10.

Again, the current market conditions of liquidity and inflation are not in the favor of the crypto industry and hence, the DENT coin might need more time than calculated to reach $10.

Dent Price Prediction: Can Dent Coin Ever Reach $100?

Considering that reaching $10 is a very tough target for the DENT coin, reaching $100 seems impossible. Let us analyse.

To reach $100, the Dent coin needs to grow by 107,526 times. Thus, keeping in mind DENT’s 40 times a month growth, we can say that it will need at least 2,688 months i.e., 224 years to reach a price level of $100.

Therefore, it is not at all practical for investors to wait for 224 years and hence, Dent coin is not expected to reach $100 in the future.

Dent Price Prediction 2023, 2025 And 2030

Dent price prediction 2023

As per the price prediction, Dent’s market price is expected to reach a maximum level of $0.002 by the end of 2023. It can reach a minimum price of $0.0009.

Dent price prediction 2025

Dent coin’s price is expected to reach maximum and minimum levels of $0.0031 and $0.0028 by the end of the year 2025.

Dent price prediction 2030

By the end of 2030, Dent’s price is expected to reach a maximum of $0.017. Also, it is expected to reach a minimum of $0.015.

Competitor Analysis– DENT vs QLC:

QLC Chain is a platform that aims to create a secure environment for communication services. It also leverages Distributed Ledger Technology to enable its users to get benefits from network services. QLC is its native token and is one of the notable competitors of DENT. Let’s have a brief look at their price movements for the past few months:

  • QLC has increased by 2.67 times in one year. On the other hand, DENT’s price has decreased by 64.2% during this duration.
  • QLC’s price has increased by nearly 2.33 times in the last three months, in comparison to DENT’s 1.08 times increase.
  • For the past month, QLC’s price has increased by 1.93 times. Whereas, the DENT coin’s price has increased by nearly 1.3 times.

Thus, it clearly indicates that Dent has failed to outperform the QLC token for the last year

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Dent Reddit Discussions

Let us analyze a Reddit discussion about the topic, “Is DENT Coin dead?”. One user commented that DENT Coin is one of the biggest scams in the crypto industry and hence, people should stay away from the same.

Another user directly wrote that the coin is dead and hence, of no use. Whereas, one user commented that DENT/BTC ratio is not back to where it was in May 2022, but not near its highs in 2021 or 2019. He further added that it is normal for crypto coins to go up and down and nothing to worry about.

Thus, the discussion suggests that the users have mixed viewpoints about the DENT Coin.

Dent Price Prediction: Dent partnerships

Dent ecosystem is partnered with Samsung blockchain, Basic Internet Foundation, G+D Mobile Security, GSMA, Mobile Ecosystem Forum, Bunq, Telecom Infra and The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Dent Coin Tokenomics And Use Cases

DENT coin is an ERC-20 token and has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. Out of this, 8.6 billion tokens were sold during the company’s ICO at a fixed price of $0.0005 (as per the whitepaper).

There are 99,007,791,203 DENT tokens already in the circulating supply of the market. The following are the primary use cases of Dent coins:

  • Users can sell, buy and donate mobile data on the Ethereum blockchain using DENT tokens.
  • DENT coins are used to record all the transactions on the Dent ecosystem.
  • Dent coins can be used to trade (sell and buy) data on the international marketplace.
  • Users can use their DENT tokens to unlock various features on the Dent app.
  • Dent coins can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and for fiat to make a profit in the crypto market.

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How To Buy Dent Coins?

The following are three easy steps to purchase DENT tokens:

  • The first step is to choose a crypto exchange from which you want to purchase (such as Binance or Uniswap) the Dent tokens and create an account on the same.
  • The second step is to choose the way to purchase the DENT tokens i.e., using fiat or another cryptocurrency and then buy the tokens using either cryptocurrencies or fiat money.
  • In the third step, users need to store their Dent tokens either on the crypto exchange itself or in the crypto wallet.

Where Can I Buy DENT Tokens?

Dent tokens can be purchased on centralized and decentralized exchanges including Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Gate.io, CoinEX, WazirX and Uniswap.

Note that Dent tokens are not supported on Coinbase and Gemini.

Dent Price Prediction: About Dent Tokens

Dent is a mobile operator that offers eSIM cards, a roaming-free experience, call minutes top-ups and mobile data plans. Also, it employs blockchain technology for creating a marketplace to liberalize mobile data. It introduces international mobile plans at a very lower price.

Dent’s Data sharing economy allows users to freely sell and buy their mobile data to any user.

Dent’s vision is to be a digital operator providing worldwide access to mobile data without requiring the use of outdated SIM cards.

~Charu Taneja

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Stocks or Crypto Coins. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions.

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