VeChain: Profiles for Auth-Service for billion-$-ecosystem launches

  • VeChain Energy announces a profile feature for Auth-Service that enables personalization with nicknames. 
  • The update is only the last in recent innovations VeChain has introduced to drive Web3 adoption. 

Leading blockchain platform VeChain, a network designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes, has continued to introduce innovation to Web3 applications.

The network has launched a new iteration of its Auth-Service that introduces profile extension. Per a recent announcement, the extension will enhance user experience on VeChain by allowing for more personalized user profiles with nicknames.

VeChain.Energy explained how it works in a blog post. Per the post, the profile extension introduces a new scope called ‘profile’ on the application side.

When users interact with the network’s applications, they will get a prompt to select a nickname from a trusted source. This profile selection is stored on the blockchain, and automatically used for future sign-ins.

Meanwhile, users can manage their profiles at After signing in, they can change their nickname. This changes the current method of user identification with impersonal wallet addresses and is intended to drive more adoption.

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Since many Web 3 platforms have expressed facing major challenges with providing engaging user experience, the new feature marks a significant milestone for the Blockchain’s growth.

The upgrade is also not the last change that will be made to Auth-Service. VeChain Energy notes in the post that it will be adding more name service sources in future updates.

“This is the second iteration of our Auth-Service, and we have more updates planned for the future. We will be adding more established sources and the ability to manage more profile information, such as profile pictures,” the post said.

VeChain continues to introduce supply chain management innovations

The VeChain blockchain is not slacking off on introducing more improvements to help achieve its main use case of simplifying supply chain management through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

In a recent announcement, the VeChain Foundation revealed that its partnership with Supply@Me Capital PLC (SYME) is entering Phase Two. The two partnered back in June to build a first-of-its-kind Web 3 inventory monetization system. The platform will leverage blockchain and related technologies to help businesses raise value from investors.

Per the announcement shared by VeChain influencer Eisenreich, phase two involves an “Inventory Monetisation Platform 3.0.” It also involves an expected roadmap for Web3 features including digital ownership, B2B marketplaces, issuance of NFTs, DeFi, and a governance protocol.

The network has also made strides in enabling real-world solutions for anti-counterfeiting and traceability. This has aided in enabling luxury goods platforms and companies to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The greater adoption that VeChain is seeing could potentially help its native token exit the bear market to new high price levels. VET is currently down 81.3 percent in the year-to-date chart for 2022. At the time of this report, the asset is trading at $0.015, up 0.75 percent in the last 24 hours.

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