VeChain and UFC International Fight Week Community Ticket Giveaway

To celebrate the successful launch of our long-term global marketing partnership deal with UFC, the VeChain Foundation is launching a special event – 12 tickets will be given away to VeChain Community members to attend UFC 276 in Las Vegas on July 2, 2022.

As our longest and most dedicated supporters, the X-node and Economic node holders will receive priority for the giveaway, however, one lucky winner from the wider VeFam will also have the opportunity to secure a place at the event.

Read on for more details!

UFC 276 – International Fight Weeks’ big night

The VeChain Foundation, in partnership with UFC, is giving away 12 tickets to the VeChain community to attend UFC 276 in Las Vegas on July 2nd at the T-Mobile Arena. Tickets will be allocated on the following basis: 

  • X-nodes: 7 winners
  • Economic nodes: 4 winners
  • Non node-holder: 1 winner

Chosen winners will head to Las Vegas to meet Fabio Konder, ex-UFC Director of Partnerships and the VeChain Foundation’s Activation Director, who will accompany winners on the night.

Please note: The VeChain Foundation will NOT be responsible for any travel or lodging costs and does not accept any liability accordingly. Only enter if you are willing and able to fund travel and accommodation expenses out of pocket.

How to enter

To enter the giveaway, users must fill out the following Google Form.

When the submission window ends, addresses will be transferred to, an independently verifiable random draw service, with winners selected based on the categories of X-Node holder, Economic Node holder, non-Node holder.

Node ownership will be verified by the movement of a small and specific value of VTHO. The amount of VTHO will be determined following the successful draw of a given address. Users will be contacted by a representative of the VeChain Foundation once the draw has taken place. 

Ownership of non-node addresses will be determined in the same manner. 

Additional important information

In addition to the above, users must also be following the social media accounts below. This will be verified independently to determine eligibility. 

VeChain Foundation Twitter | VeChain Foundation Instagram | VeChain Foundation LinkedIn Page | UFC on Twitter

Note: Failure to meet all terms will result in a different address being selected as winner.

Good luck, VeFam!

About VeChain

Launched in 2015 as a private consortium network, the VeChain Foundation went on to develop the VeChainThor public blockchain, an EVM-compatible layer one smart contract platform adaptable to wide-ranging real-world needs. It has currently been deployed across supply chains, sustainability initiatives, carbon emission management, SDGs, the automotive sector, medicine, energy, and more.

VeChainThor’s unique two-token model ensures low and stable transaction costs while an advanced Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism guarantees high throughput, scalability, and security with minimal energy consumption.

Network performance to date has resulted in zero downtime after 3+ years of continuous operation. Other unique features include fee delegation, with users unburdened by gas fees, providing a seamless user experience.

VeChainThor’s technologies are mature and proven in commercial environments. With global blockchain mass adoption fast approaching, VeChainThor is building the foundations of the digital economy.


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