This Obscure Stock’s 2022 Return Makes Shiba Inu, Ethereum Classic, Ripple (XRP) And Baby Dogecoin Look Forgettable

Gogo Inc GOGO makes your in-flight experience a whole lot more amusing, and in 2022, has produced marked returns for investors.

In fact, Gogo stock’s year-to-date return has handily outperformed several of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies in 2022: Shiba Inu SHIB/USD, Ethereum Classic ETC/USD, Ripple XRP/USD and Baby Dogecoin BABYDOGE/USD.

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Gogo provides broadband connectivity services to the aviation industry in the United States and internationally. The company designs, builds and operates air-to-ground networks, engineers and maintains in-flight systems and delivers customizable connectivity and wireless entertainment services.

Gogo was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

Here’s how the returns break down from January 2022 to present: 

  • Shiba Inu is down from $0.00003404 to $0.00002422 for a return of -28.84%
  • Ethereum Classic is up from $34.89 to $41.29 for a return of 18.34%
  • XRP is down from $0.83 to $0.76 for a return of -8.43%
  • Baby Dogecoin is up from $0.000000001977 to $0.000000002797 for a return of 41.47%

And finally, Gogo is up from $13.47 to $19.97 for a return of 48.26%


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